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At Swale Heating we install only the best boilers from some of the UK’s most highly regarded heating manufacturers. One of the most popular brands of boiler we install across the South East, London and East Anglia are Worcester’s comprehensive boiler range. Worcester are market leaders and produce an extensive range of combi boilers, regular boilers and system boilers that run on a variety of fuel sources, including natural gas, LPG and oil.

As a recognised and approved Worcester installer, we have over 48 years experience of working with Worcester and are able to offer residents of Kent and London a top quality Worcester boiler installation service.

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7 year warranty on new Worcester boiler installationsWhy do we install Worcester boilers across the South East?

There are many great reasons that people choose to have a Worcester boiler installed in their home.

All new Worcester Boilers are SEDBUK A-rated, so you will get the optimum levels of heating efficiency. This will ensure your heating bills are as low as possible and will also see you doing your bit for the environment.

With their compact size and lightweight frame, Worcester boilers are not only easy to install but they also look great in any property.

With a fantastic manufacturer warranty and recognised high levels of customer service, you can have massive peace of mind in knowing that any problems will be dealt with in the most appropriate, professional manner.

With boilers of various heating outputs and flow rates available, there’s bound to be a Worcester boiler that will provide warmth to your home. These are just some of the reasons so many people choose Worcester.



Worcester Combi Boilers

Worcester Combi Boilers are simple all-in-one packages which supply heating and hot water to your property. Combi boilers are the perfect choice for those that want an instant source of hot water instead of having to rely on stored water in hot water cylinders. 

For this reason Worcester's combi boiler range is incredibly popular for homes where space is at a premium, as there is no requirement for space consuming items like tanks or cylinders.

All of Worcester's combi boilers are A-rated, offering the highest possible levels of heating and hot water performance.

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Worcester Combi boilers

Worcester Regular Boilers

If you have a high demand for hot water then you may require either a System or Regular boiler. The boiler provides the heat for your central heating system, but relies on working alongside a hot water cylinder to provide hot water within the property.

Regular boilers (often called heat only) are popular choices for large or traditionally built houses which feature a cold water feed in the loft. Worcester's Regular Boiler range is for use with Open Vented systems and some Unvented Systems.

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Regular boilers

Worcester System Boilers

A System Boiler is very similar to a regular boiler, but differs in the fact that a lot of the components are built into the boiler (for example, theres no requirement for a water feed and expansion cistern with a System Boiler). System boilers are therefore great for larger properties but require less space for installation compared to a regular boiler.

The Worcester System boiler models are all over 90% efficient and are both lightweight and compact with stylish casing - meaning they can either be tucked away or made to fit with your home decor

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System boilers
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