Our culture

We have read many applications over the years. Let’s reverse the roles and see if we are the right company for you.

Finding the right job can be tough. Finding the right place to do that job is even tougher. It can take a while to get to know a company, making sure it’s somewhere that you will not just fit in, but to be able to progress and make a difference. Let us save you a little bit of that time by telling you about us and the culture at Swale Heating. 

“Swale Heating's core focus is customer service and this is reflected throughout the workplace. It is imperative our employees feel part of the team as well as having opportunities to progress in their career. Our employee’s wellbeing is important to us, and we provide many resources to help with, not only their roles, but also their day to day lives. I hope you consider our business a place you would like to join and apply for a role today.” Matthew Edwards - CEO 

We have three core values: teamwork, continuous learning, and commitment to customer service.

  • Rely on your training 
  • Rely on your colleagues 
  • Rely on your instincts 


As a recognised leader in heating maintenance and installations across the South East, London and East Anglia, our teams communicate with customers and resolve heating problems daily. We believe collaboration is essential and we operate as one team with a shared mission. That mission being ‘rely on us to keep you warm’. 

We encourage our employees to plan and take part in social activities within the office, like charity bake sales, fundraising days and work events, as we feel they are a great form of teambuilding. We think teambuilding should be fun and organic. It shouldn’t feel like a forced task. 

Continuous learning 

We’re committed to offering a culture of lifelong learning where our employees are proactive about their personal development and can learn every day. We encourage employees to constantly grow in ability, skills and knowledge with the help of fellow employees, management and our bespoke learning programmes. We are keen believers in rewarding hard work and often recruit in house to offer progression journeys within teams. 

‘I joined Swale Heating as a Customer Planner Adviser. From the start, everyone has been so welcoming and friendly. My training was very thorough and fully prepared me for my role. I work as part of a hub, and I enjoy the constant communication on a daily basis. Dealing with our customers is part of my position and I gain a lot of satisfaction by assisting them in resolving any issues they may have with their heating and hot water. Training is always ongoing and very helpful, and progression within our department can be readily achieved if you work hard and produce positive results.’ 

Lee – Customer Planner Advisor 

I did my apprenticeship with Swale Heating in 2016. I started as a plumber, and I am now a fully qualified Senior Gas Technician. Doing an apprenticeship is perfect because you get practical experience whilst earning a wage. It’s a great way to get to know your colleagues in advance and build up your reputation. Most employers look for people with both field and class experience - an apprenticeship at Swale provided me with both.

Ronnie Turpin Sr Gas Technician  

Commitment to customer service 

Customer satisfaction and service are of the highest importance to us. Regardless of the role you undertake, our mission remains the same. We are trusted by our customers to keep them safe and warm, every day of every year. This overriding objective drives everything we do. But don’t just take our word for it. Our customer reviews speak for themselves. 

Freezing inside and out and the system was not working. Darren from Swale arrived, very polite, efficient, and showed great patience in solving the problem, which turned out to be a massive airlock. It took some time to shift but he would not be beaten. Many many thanks for great service. I will recommend to everyone.

Mr Day 

If you feel that working for Swale Heating will help you achieve the next step in your career, or maybe get your career started, then take a look at our current job roles.