Customer Testimonials

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Mr Potter February 24, 2016
Your operatives arrived prompt and on time. I was satisfied with the manor in which the work was carried out, very helpful and experienced fitter.
Mr Beevis February 24, 2016
The sales consultant staff were very helpful at all times. Your operatives arrived on time and made sure that the area where the work was being carried out was completely protected with dustsheets. Once the work was carried out everything was completely well and left in good order. The engineer was very thorough and explained how to use my new equipment. The supervisor checked everything thoroughly on his final inspection.
Mr Riddell February 24, 2016
The sales consultant provided a very good service. The operatives arrived in good time and were very clean and tidy; I was very impressed. I was given good, clear instructions on how to operate my new equipment. All of the redundant material and rubbish was collected very quickly.
Mrs Green March 29, 2016
Excellent service, no problems. Polite fitter I highly recommend him. The kitchen area was fully protected whilst work was carried out and left tidy once the works were complete. The fitter showed me all of the controls and so far its a great product. Your fitter was excellent and worked to a high standard, great overall service.
Mr Franks February 24, 2016
Very efficient and professional. Very neat, clean and tidy during installation and after. Excellent advice given on how to operate our new equipment. The work was carried out efficiently and very polite. The supervisor was thorough in his final inspection, great service thank you very much.
Mr Ash February 24, 2016
Excellent service by the gentlemen.
Mr Wild February 24, 2016
Very good communication and always on time. The engineer made sure that any mess was kept to a minimum, extremely satisfied and very helpful.
Mr Barker February 24, 2016
The sales consultant was very polite and informative. Hardly any mess from the installation and everything was replaced perfectly once the work was completed. Full instructions were given to us on how to operate our new equipment before they left.
Ms Woodward February 17, 2016
Thank you for your prompt service. Your boiler fitters were polite, and went the extra mile for us today.