Old Colfeians Rugby Club

Late on a Thursday evening, Swale Heating received a call from a local Rugby Club saying that they had been having a new fence installed and the contractors had put their post digger through the gas supply pipe to their boilers.

The Rugby Club had a wedding booked in on the Saturday so wanted to ensure things were up and running again before it took place.

The very next day a team were mobilised to initiate a repair on a 90mm MDPE pipe. Both our commercial and domestic engineers worked together to find the leaks. In total 3 leaks were found, all of which were fixed.

“Swale Heating were amazing by responding to a desperate cry for help after a major gas pipe was damaged by contractors.  The only company willing to come quickly, with the necessary expertise and equipment to complete the job.  They stayed, calling in further manpower, until the job was finished, and harmony restored. Thank you!” Mary-Jane, Old Colfeians Grounds Ltd.

Kevin Long, Installations Manager said “this was a complicated job in which our engineers worked meticulously to discover the leaks and then repair them. All within a timely manner, ensuring the Rugby Club was ready for the wedding they were hosting on the Saturday.”

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