Kenilworth Court case study

Unique solution for heating historic homes

Swale Heating designed a unique boiler installation programme to bring into the 21st century nearly 150 luxury Edwardian apartments, some worth up to £1.5m.

The eight beautiful red-brick mansion blocks at historic Kenilworth Court, in Putney, West London have stunning views over the Thames.

Each of the apartments were connected to the same ageing commercial boiler system, and the leaseholder’s association, The Kenilworth Court Co-ownership Housing Association (KCCHA), were looking for a replacement.

Swale Heating tendered with an innovative proposal to replace the communal heating system with an independent boiler for each apartment, providing both heating and hot water. The company offered KCCHA a competition-beating price and nearly 50 years of experience in finding solutions for complex and sensitive installations. Swale Heating’s proposal saved KCCHA around £800,000 over alternative options.

The task was complicated by the nature of the buildings; the 100-year-old properties were not designed for the installation of modern, independent boilers. Some apartments have period features, such as hardwood floors, that restricted pipework options. In some areas, the access to upper storeys was by stairs only; lifts, where they were installed, were small. Creative solutions had to be found regarding the location of some of the boilers.

Swale Heating separately surveyed every property and worked closely with each resident to design an individual specification that made best use of space and met the owners’ personal needs and expectations. The properties ranged from one-bedroom units to four-bedroomed homes. 

Flexibility was key. Some flats required installation urgently and Swale Heating prioritised those, completing the work several months ahead of the main contract.

As the main body of work began, Swale Heating brought in a carefully chosen team – hand-picked for their experience and customer care skills – who were on site every day to ensure work progressed efficiently.

Steve Logie, General Manager of KCCHA, said: ‘The installation process could not have gone any better. The guys had great technical skills and showed great flexibility, working in harmony with Kenilworth Court staff throughout. We were initially impressed with Swale Heating’s “can do” attitude and the fact they offered a complete package. With the work completed, I would have no hesitation recommending Swale Heating.’

The work was completed to spec and on time. It included dismantling the original boiler room and ensuring the safe and environmentally-friendly removal of the boiler and all associated equipment.

Swale Heating will continue to service the boilers under the terms of its contract.

Matthew Edwards, CEO of Swale Heating, said: ‘The work at Kenilworth Court demonstrates how Swale Heating’s decades of experience can find solutions, even in sensitive locations such as historic buildings. All our clients benefit from our unparalleled expertise combined with unbeatable customer care. It’s what makes Swale Heating the heating firm of choice for some of the largest housing providers as well as 25,000 private homeowners.’

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