Springvale Court Case Study

In 2023, Swale Heating started and completed a project to deliver 29 ground source heat pumps and hot water systems across residential flats at Springvale Court.

When the project was discussed with Gravesham Borough Council, they considered both air and ground source heat pumps. The decision was made that ground source heat pumps were better for the tenants as they had cheaper running costs and changing the gas run to ground source was suited to the property type and space.

Joshua Arthur, Housing Energy & Sustainability Lead at Gravesham Borough Council said the following about the project:

“Gravesham Borough Council are extremely satisfied with the installation of ground source heat pumps by Swale Heating at one of our independent living schemes, Springvale Court. From the initial stages of the project right through to the handover of the installations they demonstrated a high level of professionalism, customer service and exceptional standards in relation to their quality of work. We would highly recommend Swale Heating to any other landlords who are considering installing this form of renewable heating.”

The project started in August 2023 and work on all 29 flats completed in December 2023. All teams and suppliers worked together to deliver quality systems within a timely manner.

Karen Boom, Project Manager at Kensa Contracting, said the following about the project:

“We liaised closely with Swale Heating throughout all stages of the project lifecycle, which enabled us to ensure that the needs and expectations of the client were always met or exceeded. Design and installation amendments were discussed, agreed upon, and implemented smoothly and seamlessly.

The installation engineers were a pleasure to deal with; they always communicated respectfully and empathetically with the elderly and vulnerable residents. We are looking forward to working with Swale Heating on additional projects in the future.”

Finally, Matthew Edwards, CEO at Swale Heating said: “These types of projects are becoming more common to meet government requirements of reaching net zero. We have great relationships with manufacturers to bring our customers the best possible products as the technology continues to evolve. We are always proud to work on renewable heating projects and continue to play our part in the sustainable heating industry.”

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