Swale Heating Online Security & Fraud Prevention


At Swale Heating, we take our customer’s online and personal security seriously. That’s why we implement a range of safeguards and procedures on our website, customer communications and working practices to ensure fraudulent activity is prevented where possible.

We take the following measures to ensure your personal data and security are protected at all times;

  • Our website (www.swaleheating.com) handles payments via Secure Trading, a secure online payment system designed to handle online payments safely and to prevent and protect against fraud. You’ll notice in your address bar that our website address will read “https” followed by the Swale Heating website address combined with a green padlock symbol or green highlight indicating that the website is secure.
  • Our engineers and field sales team do not turn up unannounced and will always call ahead to book an appointment with you.

We encourage our customers to be vigilant at all times to avoid becoming victims of fraud too. To help you to be vigilant when interacting with Swale Heating, we’ve highlighted examples of fraudulent activities below and what you should do to prevent them.


Suspicious Emails

Fraudsters pose as established companies such as Swale Heating so be wary even if you think you recognise the sender. Genuine companies such as Swale Heating never request payment details in an email. If you receive an email from Swale Heating requesting you update your payment details via phone or email, do not reply and do not click on any of the links or attachments.

If you’re ever in doubt phone Swale Heating on 0800 731 33 44 or email [email protected].

You’ll be able to spot a genuine Swale Heating email from a fraudulent email as;

  • We do not email requesting you to cancel and reinstate any direct debit arrangements ever
  • We do not issue warning emails that use scare tactics requesting urgent account updates with payments or personal details
  • All genuine Swale Heating emails will come from [email protected] email address and there should never be another word between ‘swaleheating’ and ‘.com’, i.e. [email protected] is genuine however [email protected] is not genuine.
  • Fraudulent emails commonly have messy layouts and spelling mistakes, although this is not always the case


Suspicious Phone Calls

Please be vigilant when receiving inbound calls, even if the caller says they’re calling from a reputable company such as Swale Heating. You should be able to spot a fraudulent call posing as Swale Heating if you follow the below steps;

  • If the call is unexpected, we’d encourage you to say to the caller that you’ll call back using the number listed on the Swale Heating website; 01795 477 098. If the caller requests you call an alternative number that’s not recognised, refuse and call the main Swale Heating number.
  • Fraudsters try to create a false sense of urgency to encourage you to make quick decisions. If you feel the caller is being pushy then question if the call is genuine and hang up immediately if you feel the call is fraudulent.
  • Never cancel and reinstate direct debit details if the caller is requesting you do so. Swale Heating will never request you do this or request you make payment via telephone for any additional services or cover.

If you’re ever in doubt phone Swale Heating on 01795 477 098 or email [email protected].


Suspicious Call Outs

Swale Heating will never make call outs that are unannounced. Our engineers and field sales team will only visit your property if you’re expecting them, either because you’ve requested a quote online, had a pre-agreed appointment date or you’ve requested a call out.

Our field-based staff will always be wearing a Swale Heating uniform which features the company logo and a lanyard featuring their photographic ID.

If you’re in doubt that an engineer or sales person isn’t who they say they are, do not let them enter your property and phone Swale Heating on 01795 477 098 or email [email protected].

If you feel you are in immediate danger, you should also dial 999.

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