LPG Boiler Servicing


Swale Heating’s LPG boiler servicing contracts commit security to over 100,000 property owners and citizens across the South East region. As professionals in LPG boiler servicing we guarantee an efficient service whenever you need us, 24 hours a day.

Our engineers work on the principle that ‘Prevention is better than Cure’. A damaged boiler can be costly but by putting an LPG boiler servicing contract in place it will prevent facing a big bill. A faulty boiler isn’t just inconvenient but potentially fatal. That’s why a regular, yearly service by one of Swale Heating’s GAS SAFE qualified engineers, is the best way to ensure the safety of you and your family. All our staff are highly trained and are familiar with all the products we supply allowing them to resolve any problem quickly.

What to expect during an LPG boiler servicing check

  • Perform an initial visual check of your boiler and the area around it.
  • Check the boiler flame to see if it is the correct colour. If not your engineer will fix the fault.
  • Carry out an internal boiler check (first ensuring your home is kept clean by covering the immediate area). Our check covers all internal components and pipework.
  • If this is satisfactory, the engineer will Power Vacuum the whole interior of your boiler to ensure it is free from dust and debris.
  • Test all boiler components using specialist measuring equipment to maintain everything is working as it should.
  • If at any time during the inspection a defect is found, the part will be replaced or restored immediately ensuring trouble-free boiler servicing for the customer.

Regular maintenance with a Swale Heating LPG boiler servicing contract will keep your boiler in prime condition and giving your boiler a lifespan of around ten years!

So, whether you need a new boiler installed or your existing boiler fully serviced, one free call on 01795 477 098 to Swale Heating is all it takes. Or why not check out our boiler prices or boiler service contracts for more info.

Need help now? Call our dedicated support team on 01795 477098.

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