Latest News - Is your boiler going bump in the night?


What noises could your boiler be making? 

From rattling to gurgling and tapping sounds, boilers can sometimes seem more vocal than we would like, but what do these noises mean for the health of your boiler? 


No, that isn't the chains of some long-lost ghost. It could just be air in the pipes! 

You can get rid of the excess air in the system by bleeding your radiators. We have a handy guide available here.

If you have bled your radiators and the rattling is still present, it could be a loose valve. Tighten any loose valves on your radiators, and then check whether the rattling noises come from any pipes that haven't been clipped securely. Unclipped pipework is often the root of these noises. 


It may sound like a monster in the cupboard, but it's nothing to be feared. Gurgling pipes are most commonly caused by trapped air in your boiler system that mixes with the water. 

Trapped air is not usually a big concern and can quickly be resolved by bleeding your radiators, as above. While not dangerous, you should be aware that this trapped air stops the heat from fully circulating throughout a room, costing you more to heat your home. 


Possibly the spookiest sound a boiler could make, this disembodied tapping is enough to chill anyone's bones.

Tapping sounds are generally caused by a build-up of slime and residue in your radiators or pipes, which becomes louder as the pump circulates the water in the central heating system.

Noises such as tapping, banging and clanging are symptoms of kettling. Kettling noises are commonly caused by a build-up of limescale or corrosion debris on the surfaces of the heat exchanger. This build-up restricts the flow of water and causes localised boiling of water, which can cause hot water to turn into steam, building pressure within the unit. This issue is particularly common in hard water areas or areas with high mineral deposits in the soil. 

If you hear consistent tapping noises and you think it might be kettling, it's best to call out an engineer to take a look at your boiler, as it's not possible to fix this by yourself.

Boilers make spooky noises all the time, but if it is a persisting issue, we always recommend calling out the professionals. Please do not hesitate to get in contact with our team and find your ghostbuster (or engineer) today. 

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