Do I repair or replace my boiler?

22 April 2022

Factors you should consider when repairing or replacing your boiler.

It is often difficult to discern whether your old boiler needs to be repaired or replaced, and sometimes you wonder if you are getting the most for your money. We bring you factors which would encourage a replacement against factors, which would suggest a simple repair would be enough.



Firstly, it is fundamental to ask how old your existing boiler system is. If it is between 8-10 years old, then the energy rating may not be as efficient as most newer high efficiency boilers. It may be beneficial, as energy prices are rising, to replace your existing boiler to save maintenance and fuel costs.

Furthermore, if your boiler is near the 10-year mark, it is worth wondering whether the parts will still be available for repair. The older your boiler is, the more costly it would be to repair. 


Most modern boilers are known to be much more compact and easier to fit into smaller spaces. Most old-fashioned boilers often come alongside a water tank which will be removable if you invest in a combi boiler. 


Old fashioned boiler systems often have fewer controls and less precision in heating and hot water.

However, modern boilers can be combined with smart heating thermostats and controls so that you have the ability to save more money by timing your heating. 


It is ideal to replace your boiler if the rating is below A-rated. A-rated boilers provide over 90% efficiency, and switching from a lower rating could save you hundreds of pounds each year.

Sounds or Smells

If your boiler starts making unusual noises, other than the general start up whirring, this suggests that something is wrong. Whilst carbon monoxide is odourless, when your boiler emits it due to a failure, there is sometimes a faint smell. This can also be discovered by dark marks around the casing of your boiler. CO is highly dangerous and immediate action should be taken. 


If your boiler is costing you over half its worth in repairs, it is probably time to replace. Don’t waste money by continuously repairing parts of your old boiler when it could be cheaper and more efficient to replace the entire system.



Young boilers have occasional breakdowns, but that does not mean that they always require replacing. Most boilers come with at least a 2 year warranty with brands such as Worcester Bosch offering a 10 year warranty. 


Your boiler may be between 8-10 years old but, if it is still fully functional, it may not always require replacing. Occasionally, there may be small faults that can be repaired. However, there would always be benefits to an upgrade. 

Your Engineer

Your engineer or installer is there to advise you on what will be a waste of your money. If your boiler is requesting constant repair, listen to the advice from your engineer about when it may be time to install a new model. 


By repairing rather than replacing, you are saving the upheaval of your home by avoiding a new installation. A repair takes a lot less time than a replacement, and would require you do stay home for longer for the engineer.


It is possible to lengthen the life of your boiler through filters and cleaning products. Cleaning your central heating can improve performance and efficiency levels, reduce operating costs and reduce the likelihood of future repairs. 


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