Landlord Responsibilities & Gas Safety Certificate Explained


 As a landlord there are a whole host of responsibilities you’ll need to take into consideration, including the health and safety of the tenants living in your home. With more new homes being built across London and the South East and a range of Government-backed home buying initiatives launching continually, competition to secure private tenants in the rental market can be fierce. To ensure your rental income and reputation as a landlord is protected, it’s crucial to consider your duties as a landlord when it comes to the maintenance and repair of you property’s boiler and central heating system.

As a landlord, you’re responsible for making repairs and maintaining boilers, stoves, gas fires and gas ovens/hobs installed in your property and ensuring all work on these appliances is carried out by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer. All Swale Heating engineers are Gas Safe registered and are therefore authorised to carry out any gas-related repairs, servicing and new installations in rental properties.

Your tenants also have a number of obligations that they must keep too whilst living in your home, including ensuring the gas appliances installed in your home are well looked after.

Under the Gas Safety Regulation of 1998, all landlords are also obliged to obtain a Gas Safety Certificate annually covering all pipe work, gas appliances and flues installed at their rental property. Gas Safety Certificates are formal records of all gas appliances installed in a home and provide details of any safety defects noted. It also provides confirmation of the operational safety checks carried out on gas appliances and the associated results.

If you use a letting agent to manage your property, it’s important to contractually outline who’s responsible for maintaining the gas appliances as commonly, but not always, letting agencies will have existing contracts with heating contractors to carry out scheduled gas servicing and repair work.

As a landlord, you’re also obliged to keep a copy of your Gas Safety record for a period of two years and ensure tenants are also provided with a copy. This also applies to new tenants moving in to your property whereby Gas Safety Certificates were obtained prior to their tenancy commencement. 

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What do Swale Heating check with a Gas Safety Check?

Swale Heating check a range of components and numerous gas appliance functions in addition to the central heating system installed in your rental property to ensure your tenants are safe. See below for a list of checks typically conducted upon a visit from one of our engineers:

  • Standing and working pressure tested
  • Flue flow is tested to ensure all waste and gas by-products are removed from your home
  • Appliances are inspected to ensure they’re gas tight
  • Burner pressure is tested, against manufacturer guidelines
  • Ventilation is checked, and
  • Boiler brackets are checked for stability

Book a service online for your rental property and remember to select the Gas Safe Certificate option at the checkout – this is a requirement for landlords.

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