Glow-Worm Boiler Manuals


Glow-Worm Boilers


Potterton offer a range of gas and LPG boilers and have been producing boilers since the 1800s. With this length of service, Potterton's boilers have been updated to be effecient and technologically developed.

Listed below are Potterton boiler manuals for you to download, however we advise that you do not attempt to repair or tamper with your boiler as you could seriously damage the boiler, your property and cause harm to yourself. Please contact us HERE and enquire about having a visit from one of our Gas Safe registered expert engineers.



BlackBeauty4 UIS

Flexicom cx User

56 2BBU

Co ordinate 56 BBUOnly2 UIS

45 2BBU

Co ordinate 45 BBUOnly2 UIS

Glow micron 40

Energy Saver 60 UIS

Energy Saver 40 UIS

Energy Saver 2070 80 UIS

Energy Saver 80 UIS

Miami GF UIS

Glow micron 60

Glow micron 70




Xtra max HEuser

ultimate 60 FF

Ultimate 30 FF UIS

Inset 50BBU UIS

30 26 35ci UIS

30ci 30si 35ci

30ci 30si 35ci UIS

Inset 40BBU UIS

Compact 75E UIS

Compact 100E UIS

Compact 80E UIS

Hideaway 40 50 60 CFF UIS

Hideaway 40 50 60 CFF UIS

GLOW Micron 30FF

Micron 30 FF

ultimate 70 80 FF

hideaway 80 BFF

ultimate 40 FF

ultimate 50 FF

Chatsworth 4 Dovedale 4 UIS

Hideaway 40 50 60 BFF

micron 100 120 FF

Hideaway 100 2C115 CFF Inst Serv

Hideaway 100 115 CFF Inst Serv

ultimate 100 120 FF

Xtra Fast 96 120

BBU 544

BBU 454

Micron 80FF UIS

Combi 23Cff

24ci 18si

12 15 18 24 30 38hxi

hxi manual

18 30sxi UIS

18 30sxi condensing system

sxi manual

Xtra max

24 30 38cxi

cxi manual

Flexicom hx installation manual

Xtra max HE

Flexicom sx installation manual

Flexicom cx installation manual


Don't see your boiler on this list? Contact us HERE and we can advise you or offer our expert services. 

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