Environmental Policy


It is the policy of the company to care for the environment in away that sustains its viability for future generations.

  • The company will look to continually improve its environmental performance.
  • The company operates an environmental management system.
  • The company will advise on the use of sustainable fuel sources and ensure that the systems we install are operated in the most efficient way through control systems that will ensure that maximum efficiency is achieved, reducing the harmful effects to the environment caused by the products of combustion.
  • All waste material that is created by the company's operations is returned to the warehouse facility. Here the material is sorted and graded before being collected for recycling. Those materials that are reusable are returned to stock for further use.
  • The company will ensure that where required it will comply with and where practicable exceed all the relevant environmental legislation.
  • The company installs only high efficiency condensing central heating boilers to reduce the harmful effects from the products of combustion into the atmosphere and to also to reduce the consumption of valuable fossil fuels.
  • The company recommends the updating of controls for central heating and domestic hot water to increase the efficiency of the system, and to reduce the time the boiler operates to lower emissions.
  • The company only uses materials where the products are approved as having minimal or no effects on the environment that would affect the Health and Safety of individuals using our installations.

Our full environmental policy is available on request. Please contact us to request a copy.