Solar panel battery storage

If you have solar panels on your home you may want to consider having a battery installed to store the excess electricity. This allows you to store the electricity and use it at a different time when your demand may be higher. Having battery storage means you can save money, reduce carbon emissions, and supporting the national grid to deliver a stable supply of electricity around the country.

Installing battery storage for your solar panels

Swale Heating provide a free, no obligation quote for the installation of your storage battery and are able to advice on the best options for you. Our expert sales team are here to answer all your questions and ensure the installation goes without any hitches. 

Maintaining battery storage

The lifetime of your battery depends on the technology installed and the way the battery is used. We are able to advise on the expected lifetime the manufacturer gives for your chosen battery in years and or in 'charge-discharge cycles'.

Lifetime expectancies are improving all the time as technology develops. Lithium-ion batteries last longer than lead-acid.

Solar panels can last 25 years or longer, so your storage battery is likely to need replacing in the lifetime of your solar system. Normally your battery storage system will give you an indication of when your batteries need replacing.

You didn't install my solar panels, are you able to install a battery for me?

Yes, here at Swale Heating we have years of experience installing batteries for solar panels. All we need from you to provide you with a quote is some pictures and details about your current solar panel set up.

Will installing a battery save me money?

In short, yes. You will rely less on electricity from the grid, therefore you will pay less money. However, you do need to review the potential savings against the cost of installation, and how long the battery will last to get a true picture of your savings.

What are the benefits of installing a battery?

  • You cut your carbon footprint
  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Batteries can help you use more of the electricity generated by your solar panel system
  • Store excess electricity in readiness for when you need it
  • You reduce your reliance on the National Grid
  • Once your battery is fully charged, you could earn money on the electricity that you produce by selling excess energy back to the grid using the Smart Export Guarantee

Our expert, MCS certified engineers will carry out the work to the highest standard.

If you're thinking about how you could make a difference to your carbon footprint and are considering a domestic solar panel battery, then we are more than happy to help.

All our renewable engineers are MCS certified. MCS is an industry-led quality assurance scheme, which demonstrates the quality and reliability of approved products and installation companies.

Want to know how much solar panel battery storage costs? For more information or to request a free, no obligation quote, call Swale Heating on free phone on 0800 731 33 44, or complete the contact form on the right-hand side.