Heat pump cylinders

Heat pump cylinders give a robust and sustainable solution to support heat pumps. A standard heat pump does not provide hot water on demand like a combi boiler, so you will need a way to store hot water for when you need it.

Cylinders are the ideal solution for domestic hot water requirements, which come in a range of shapes and sizes. The size you require will depend on your household’s hot water needs. A cylinder can usually be fitted inside any cupboard that measures around 80x80cm.

What is a heat pump cylinder?

A heat pump cylinder is a well-insulated tank, which stores water after it has been heated via a heat source. It is then kept at the perfect temperature ready for you to use when needed. This way you do not need to constantly run your heating system for hot water.

Heat pump cylinders are ideal for homes with two plus bathrooms with the need for constant hot water. If your property has low water pressure, then a heat pump cylinder is the perfect choice to support the flow of water to the shower. A hot water cylinder ensures that your water is always delivered at the right temperature.

How do heat pump cylinders work?

There are two main types of hot water cylinders available in the UK: vented cylinders and unvented cylinders.

Vented hot water cylinders receive water from an external cold-water tank, often referred to as a header tank, which is often stored in the loft. Vented cylinders use gravity to build pressure, rather than generating pressure from the mains, like an unvented cylinder. They are called vented cylinders because they use a vent pipe to connect the hot water tank to the header tank.

Unvented hot water cylinders receive water directly from the mains, meaning they offer greater levels of pressure than a gravity-based system, and they also distribute the water easily throughout the home. Unvented cylinders do not require a separate cold-water tank. This frees up space as there is no need for an additional tank within the loft. As the system is a sealed system, unvented cylinders are also much less likely to become contaminated as the water moves from the cold-water tank into the hot water system.

Most manufacturers design unvented cylinders to be compatible with their heat pumps, therefore, they are the recommended choice of cylinder type to work alongside a heat pump.

Advantages of a heat pump cylinder:

  • Ability to cope with the high demand of hot water in larger homes
  • Reduces the need to continuously heat water
  • Can be used alongside other renewable heating solutions
  • If used with a renewable heating solution, no need for fossil fuels, saving money on energy bills

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