Swale Heating helps heroes

We decided to join the Blue Light Card Scheme to show our appreciation for the UK’s heroes.

This great scheme allows us to give our little bit back for their service. Although, it will never compare to what they have done for all of us.

What is the Blue Light Card Scheme?

The Blue Light Card scheme is an excellent programme designed to provide free discounts for those who have served our country. Not only is it available for those in the armed forces, but also for those in the NHS, emergency services and immigration services. The complete list of those who qualify is available on the Blue Light Card website.

Those who are eligible can use it online (through discount codes) or in the high street with the physical card. The physical card also allows our servicemen and women to save money in restaurants, venues as well as in shops.

If you think you’re eligible for this amazing scheme, or know someone else who is, you can find out more information and signup by clicking here.

Swale Heating and the Community

We believe, at Swale Heating, about making a positive contribution to our local community just like those who have served us. That’s why we have joined the Blue Light Card scheme.

We pledge to give Blue Light Card holders 10% off boiler installations so they can rely on us to keep them warm whilst we all rely on them to keep us safe.

We also support the local charity Demelza. Demelza is a fantastic charity who cares for and supports seriously ill children and their families. They are based in South-East England and do amazing work for those going through the worst experiences of their life. If you would like to see more about the incredible work Demelza does, you can visit www.demelza.org.uk.

Swale Heating is thankful for the selfless service by all those in the Emergency Services, NHS and Armed Forces. We are using the Blue Light Card scheme to show our appreciation for everything they do and hope that we can spread the word about this amazing scheme. If you know anyone who is eligible for the card, then please let them know.