Solar battery storage quote

If you've already embraced solar panels for your home, it might be time to explore the advantages of adding a battery to your setup. A solar battery lets you capture surplus electricity and store it for future use, ensuring a consistent energy supply when you need it most. By incorporating battery storage into your solar system, you can achieve cost savings, cut down on carbon emissions, and contribute to the reliability of the national grid by providing a steady source of electricity across the region.

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Frequently asked questions

Yes view further information on solar battery storage here.

If you already have solar panels installed we will be more than happy to supply and install a battery for you. Swale Heating provide a free, no obligation quote for the installation of your storage battery and are able to advice on the best options for you. Use the form on the right hand side to contact us.

In brief, the answer is yes. You'll reduce your dependence on grid electricity, leading to cost savings. Nonetheless, it's essential to assess the potential savings in comparison to the installation expenses and the battery's expected lifespan to obtain an accurate estimation of your overall savings.

All we need from you to provide you with a quote is some pictures and details about your current solar panel set up.

What solar panels are right for my home?

Solar power, harnessed from the sun, stands as one of the leading renewable energy sources, particularly in the United Kingdom.

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