Spring clean your boiler

09 March 2023

Servicing and cleaning your boiler can increase efficiency. Spring is the season that represents new life to many people across the United Kingdom. It's when trees that had lost their leaves throughout the winter months start to grow back, flowers begin to blossom and bunnies are ever-present in countryside fields.

March marks the first month of Spring, which, along with harvest festivals, is generally known as the time of year for the annual spring-clean in and around your home.

When completing your spring-clean around your home, your boiler shouldn’t be forgotten about. Your central heating system is often neglected but naturally becomes dirty over time as there becomes a build-up of sludge and debris.

Swale Heating offer three types of system cleans:

  • General central heating system clean - this is a deep clean inside your system to remove any sludge build-up. 
  • Powerflush - Similar to the general central heating system clean, the Powerflush is a higher pressure clean. This is for if your system is highly contaminated.
  • MagnaCleanse - This combines a RapidFlush filter and VibraClean agitator, giving your system a quicker and deeper clean.

Our expert engineers will perform a detailed assessment before offering advice and recommendations for the best type of clean for your central heating system. 


We strongly recommend getting your boiler serviced annually as it allows you to pick up on any problems before they escalate into costly repairs. It can also prolong your boiler's lifespan, keeping your heating system running at optimal efficiency. 

All engineers that work for Swale Heating are Gas Safe registered and, with decades of experience, you can trust us to provide you with the best possible service in a safe and friendly manner. 

You can now purchase your boiler service or boiler cover plan (which contains an annual boiler service) online through our website here.


You can also find out more about cleaning your central heating system here.