Central heating system cleaning


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If your central heating system is not operating as efficiently as you need it to, it could be that your system would benefit from a central heating system clean.

This can help to remove blockages in your pipework and radiators (caused over time by a build-up of iron oxide) which can ensure you maximise the amount of heat generated by your boiler.

This would help you to boost the efficiency of your system, which in turn will reduce the amount you pay on your heating bills and also benefit the environment. 

Main benefits of central heating system cleaning:

  • Improved heating performance
  • Boost efficiency levels
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Increased lifespan of your boiler, radiators, cylinder and pipework
  • Reduce the likelihood of costly repairs or callouts in the future

At Swale Heating we have the necessary experience and expertise to know whether carrying out a central heating system clean would be beneficial to your homes heating performance.  So if you have been told that you require central heating system cleaning or think that your boiler and radiators are not operating as efficiently as they should be, then please contact us as one of our qualified engineers can come out to inspect the property and provide a detailed assessment of any potential work that may be required.  This may involve taking a water sample, which can be tested in an independent laboratory to confirm whether the water is dirty.

With over 48 years’ experience of cleaning central heating systems using a variety of techniques, we are best placed to help you to improve the performance of your home's heating. Contact us today to find out more.


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