Fun in the sun – water-saving tips

16 August 2023

Summer is the perfect time for some fun in the sunshine and often the cheapest way to do this, especially in the school holidays is in your own garden. With the days getting hotter and the children complaining about the heat the best type of fun often involves splashing and paddling in a nice cool pool. With the cost of water and the likelihood of hose pipe bans, the thought of having fun with water this summer seems impossible.

Below we have put together a few handy tips on how to enjoy all the water fun without wasting water or costing you a fortune.

Reuse your household water

You don’t need to get the hose pipe out to enjoy a paddling pool or a water fight in the garden, you can reuse the water you are already going to use in your home. Once your bath water has gone cold it’s the perfect water to re-use in the paddling pool or for washing the car. If you prefer a shower why not collect the shower water with a bucket and use it to fill up a paddling pool or water gun, water your plants and clean your car? A garden water butt is also great for saving and reusing water, the water can be used for watering plants or filling water bombs for example.

Invest in a paddling pool cover

If you have filled your paddling pool up ready for a day of splashing and paddling then don’t waste the water by leaving it open all night for all the insects to make their home, pop on a paddling pool cover and make the water last for a few days.  Re-filling your pool every day for a week adds up to around 3,700 litres – the same as 46 baths*! Once you are finished with the pool water, why not reuse it to water your plants or clean your car?

Reusable water bombs

Now not only will you be reusing water from your water butt or water from a shower/bath you will be eliminating the use of single-use plastic with reusable water bombs. You can make your own by using wetting sponges, or balls of wool or you can purchase silicone ones that open when they hit your target.



Downsize your pool

If you have a large paddling pool for the children to play in, think about downsizing to a smaller one. The larger the pool the more water it takes to fill, young children only need enough to have a paddle and a splash around to keep cool.

Nature’s paddling pool

Why not take a day trip to a local beach, on the Kent coast we are spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches. There is also a range of local swimming lakes and places to enjoy watersports. Although they are man-made there is also a range of swimming centres, parks with splash pools and much more to enjoy on a sunny day.

We hope these tips help enjoy some water fun this summer. Don’t forget while you’re enjoying the sunshine that winter is just around the corner and there is no better time than summer to be prepared when it comes to your boiler.  Summer is the best time to get your boiler serviced, you can pick a time that suits you (maybe while you’re at home enjoying some fun in the garden). We can ensure your boiler is in perfect condition for the colder months ahead. Read our blog on why the summer months are the best time to get your boiler serviced here.

Need to purchase boiler cover? Not to worry we have a range of boiler cover plans available here.

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