Boiler finance: 5 things you need to know

29 August 2023

You may feel this is the time to replace an ageing yet still functioning boiler with a more economical, eco-friendly, controllable and space-efficient version. It is reassuring to know that you can spread the load by buying boilers on finance – Swale Heating offers several easy and different options here. Not only this, but you can also self-fund a boiler installation if this is available to you. Either way, we have you covered.

You can call the Swale Heating sales team direct today on: 0800 731 3344 to discuss payment upfront, deferred payment for a whole year (16.9% APR Representative) or spreading your payments over up to 10 years (14.9% APR Representative). Or if you want to get a boiler estimate first and then review how you will pay for your new boiler on finance, you can do it online here. But before you take the plunge, check our Top 5 Tips on how to choose boilers on finance.

TIP 1 for new boiler finance – do your homework

You are about to make a big investment and you may need years to pay it off, so it is vital that your boiler is not only efficient and as future-proof as possible, but also durable enough to be operational long after you have finished paying for it.

Online guides and consumer surveys are useful to narrow down choice and check out prices and deals, but a reputable installer can also offer lots of good advice tailored to your needs and the golden rule here is: cheap is not always cheap in the long run.


Understand the boiler types too:

Combi boiler - Short for ‘combination boiler’, this type supplies the central heating and hot water on demand, without a hot water tank and the space it takes. This option may not be suitable for larger properties or those with multiple bathrooms due to the likely hot water demand and the stresses that imposes on the boiler itself. Additionally, you cannot run a ‘power shower’ set up because the pump delivering the extra force needs to draw from a hot water tank.

Regular boiler - this boiler needs both a cold and hot water tank. It is typically installed in properties where more baths and other hot water demands may be needed by more people at home.

System boiler - this offers the best of both worlds: the efficiency of the combi with the resources to run a large house.

For expert advice from Swale Heating on the best type of boiler, please click here.

TIP 2 for new boiler finance – brand does matter

In the world of fashion and other fast moving consumer arenas, the right ‘badge’ may seem important in the short term and durability matters less, but boilers on finance are a major investment that needs to last way beyond the repayments so it’s vital to choose the right brand for your home.

Check out accurate and trusted review sites online and installers who deal in those most recommended, long-lived brands with excellent safety records. Sometimes, those best brands are expensive upfront, but a cheaper option may cost more later with more failures, repairs and callouts – possibly on top of the regular repayments for the original installation!

Don’t forget running costs, at a time when energy bills are soaring: a more reliable option may also save you more cash through its efficiency, even if it costs more initially. Swale Heating only install reliable boilers so you are safe in the knowledge that whatever we install, it will be from a reputable and trustworthy brand.

TIP 3 for new boiler finance – think about customer aftercare

It’s important to feel safe and secure in the knowledge that, once your boiler has been installed, there is still help available for it anything goes wrong.

Alongside your warranty, strong customer service and support is an extra safety net for if you need more advice or if anything unexpected happens.

Swale Heating put great emphasis on excellent customer service. We pride ourselves on putting the customer first and ensuring all our staff have expert knowledge in this area. Not only will you have a warranty for your new boiler, but you also have the option of calling us if you have any questions. You can call the Swale Heating sales team direct today on: 0800 731 3344

TIP 4 for new boiler finance – am I getting the right warranty?

Your new boiler will come with a warranty, but it’s important to have it properly installed and maintained – failure to do so is regularly cited by manufacturers as reasons for boiler failure and voiding a warranty.

You can be sure that, when buying a boiler on finance with Swale Heating, your new boiler will be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. A proper installation will ensure that your warranty will be valid.

TIP 5 for new boiler finance – check out the options

Buying a new boiler on finance is a major investment so it’s important to look at payment options that are available. Here are Swale Heating’s popular options based on decades of experience in the industry:

Self-funded with 75% deposit

If you would prefer to pay for everything up front, this boiler finance route is for you. Swale Heating accepts all major debit and credit cards, cheques and bank transfers to pay a deposit of 75% of the installation cost, with the remainder due after your boiler has been installed.

Buy now and pay in 6 months (18.9% APR Representative, 10% deposit)

If you repay the balance in full within the 6 month deferral period, then there's no interest to pay (a £29 exit fee applies). Or after 6 months commence 96 monthly repayments at 18.9% APR. Note: Interest will have accrued from the start of the agreement. However, any repayments made will reduce the outstanding balance and will not attract any interest charges.  

Here’s a representative example:

• purchase price £3000
• 10% deposit £300
• amount of credit £2700
• duration of agreement 102 months
• 96 monthly payments of £56.25
• rate of interest 18.9% p.a. fixed
• 18.9% APR representative
• total repayable £5700.00 (£29 early exit fee)

Low monthly repayments over 5 or 10 Years (14.9% APR Representative, 10% deposit)

Sometimes the outlay for your new boiler on finance needs to be spread over many years and budgeted through low monthly repayments. Swale Heating offers a 5 or 10- year payment scheme at 14.9% APR Representative with a 10% deposit, with an option to make additional repayments at any time, which could reduce the term of the loan and total interest payable.

Here are some representative examples:

5 year representative example: 

• purchase price £3000
• 10% deposit £300
• amount of credit £2700
• duration of agreement 60 months
• 108 monthly payments of £62.78
• rate of interest 14.9% p.a. fixed
• 14.9% APR representative
• total repayable £4066.80

10 year representative example: 

• purchase price £3000
• 10% deposit £300
• amount of credit £2700
• duration of agreement 120 months
• 108 monthly payments of £41.87
• rate of interest 14.9% p.a. fixed
• 14.9% APR representative
• total repayable £5324.40

To discuss all finance options and decide what is best for you, please call the Swale Heating sales team direct today on: 0800 731 3344

Minimum credit purchase £1000. A copy of Swale Heating finance complaints process can be found here. We are committed to ensuring that all of our customers are treated fairly and we meet all of their needs to the best of our ability, review our statement here

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