Are gas boilers really being banned by 2025?

16 February 2023

Over the last few years, you may have heard in the media about plans to ban gas boilers. In this blog we look into the reality of this, the Government’s plans and how this could affect you.

So, are gas boilers really being banned?

No, in short, they aren’t. Any new build properties from 2025 will not be allowed to have gas or oil heating systems installed. Developers will have to use alternative options such as air source heat pumps or electric boilers.

You may find that if you are purchasing a new property in the next few years the boiler will be ‘hydrogen blend ready’ or an alternative heating system. There is no current ban on gas or oil boilers and from 2025 it will only affect new build properties.

If you’d like to know more about the alternatives to gas and oil boilers we have put together a ‘Renewable heating solutions’ blog to give you an in-depth description of each renewable solution and their benefits.

Do I have to get rid of my gas boiler by 2025?

No, you do not. If your boiler is already installed, you will not have to replace it.

Whilst you will not need to replace your boiler for legal reasons by 2025, you may find that a new A-rated boiler will work more efficiently for your home. If you’d like to know more about the benefits of installing a new boiler, give our ‘Advantages of purchasing a new boiler’ blog a read.

If you’d like a tailored quote for a new boiler, give our sales team a call on 0800 731 33 44 and they can arrange for a surveyor to visit your property and provide you with expert advice and recommendations. If you’d like a quick quote to give you an idea of a cost, then you can use our handy online quote tool.

Will I be fined if I do not replace my gas or oil boiler by 2025?

No, you will not. There are currently no plans in place to fine homeowners for having gas or oil boilers in their homes from 2025.

Whilst the media hype suggests your gas boiler will be banned by 2025, this is not factually correct unless it is a new build property.

What other alternative options do I have to gas boilers?

Renewable heating solutions are the alternative to gas boilers. There are many reasons to have a renewable heating system, such as decreasing your energy bills. By reducing your dependence on non-renewable energy, you are helping to reduce your CO2 emissions and other fossil fuels. Find out more about the various renewable heating solutions here.

Swale Heating have many years of experience in keeping our customers warm and we continue to do so with new green heating solutions. We offer a range of sustainable and renewable energy options such as solar panels and air source heat pumps. If you are considering a renewable heating solution for your home you can find out more and request an online quote here. Our sales team are also on hand to provide a free, no obligation quote, you can call the team on 0800 731 33 44.