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From the very moment you get in to contact with us we aim to take make sure your new boiler installation is stress and hassle free. So, whether it be a new boiler installation or an emergency repair we are here to help you every step of the way.

At Swale Heating we install only the best boilers from the UK’s most highly regarded heating manufacturers. One of the most popular boiler brands we install are Worcester’s comprehensive boiler range. Worcester are market leaders within the heating industry and produce an extensive range of combi, regular and system boilers that run on a variety of fuel sources. View the below Worcester videos to find out more information about looking after your heating system.


Types of Boilers

When it comes to boilers it can be tricky working out which type is best for your home or property. Worcester's video helps to explain the main types of boilers available for installation and what each type is best suited to.

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Combination Boilers Explained

Combination boilers are one of the UK’s most popular boiler choices, they are perfect for those with a high-water flowrate and require instant hot water on demand. View Worcester's video to find out more about combi boilers.







Regular Boilers Explained

Regular boilers are the oldest type of boilers around and are often used when replacing a boiler in an older property. View Worcester’s video to find out more about regular boilers and which properties they are best suited for.








System Boilers Explained

Unlike combination boilers, a system boiler requires a cylinder for storing hot water. Despite the need for a hot water cylinder, they are considered a space saving option when it comes to heating your home. View Worcester’s video to find out more about system boilers and in which situations they should be used.






Boiler Maintenance

As one of the most frequently used appliances in your home, it is important to make sure your boiler receives a yearly service. View Worcester’s video to find out the main reasons your boiler service should be on your priority list.

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Change the Pressure of your Heating System

Once your heating system has fully cooled down, the pressure of your heating system should always be between 1 and 1.5 bar on the pressure gauge. A reading outside of these figures may mean your heating system needs to be amended, watch the video to find out more about how you can change the pressure your heating system.






How to Bleed a Radiator

If your radiators aren’t warming your home as well as they used to, and your radiators have cold spots at the top, it may be time to bleed your radiators. Bleeding your radiators is a quick and easy solution for removing trapped air bubbles from your radiators. Watch Worcester’s handy video to learn how your can quickly bleed your radiators.




Boiler Controls

Boiler controls can help you get the most from your heating system, allowing you to heat your home more efficiently whilst also giving you full control. View Worcester’s video to find out more about the types of heating controls and how they should be used in your home.


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Wireless Controller not Working, or Replacing Batteries

Worcester’s MT10RF Mechanical RF Thermostat allows you to program daily times for your central heating system as well as set up separate room temperatures for day and night.

Watch Worcester’s video to find out how to set up your MT10RF Mechanical RF Thermostat, replace the batteries and find out some of the most common reasons your thermostat may stop working.



Worcester Boiler Range


Greenstar CDi Classic - Combi Boiler

The Greenstar CDi Classic is one of Worcester's most popular combination boilers, offering high volumes of hot water with excellent efficiency. With many advantages including flexible wall mounting installation and a low energy pump for reduced electrical usage, it is clear to see why the Greenstar CDi Classic is such a popular choice.






Greenstar i Classic - Combi Boiler

The award-winning Worcester Greenstar i Classic Combi Boiler is installed in over 1 million homes across the UK. The model has been designed with simplicity in mind featuring simple controls and a clear information display.







Greenstar CDi Compact - Combi Boiler

The Worcester Greenstar CDi Compact is the smallest of the Greenstar range and has been designed for installations with a limited amount of space. Its compact design offers flexible installation and can even be installed within a standard kitchen cupboard. Like other Greenstar models the Greenstar CDi Compact offers a user-friendly interface and ensures instant hot water is always available.

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