Underfloor heating installation

At Swale Heating, we understand that new technologies can be daunting, which is why we like to provide our customers with as much information about our products and services. This ensures they have everything they need before making changes to their homes.

Underfloor heating systems are often assumed to be more expensive and less efficient than radiators. However, the cost to run an underfloor heating system is often lower as they can be easily controlled using an underfloor heating thermostat, which allows you to isolate the energy used in each room and minimise waste. As well as being highly efficient, underfloor heating is incredibly versatile and can be installed in almost any room.

There are a few different floor options when installing underfloor heating. Depending on the floor system you choose, you can install underfloor heating underneath stone, laminate, hardwood, linoleum and even some carpets. Below are a few of the different floor options.

  1. Solid floor system - A solid underfloor heating system is one of the easiest options to install and is highly recommended for new builds or renovations as it can be installed when laying a new floor.
  2. Suspended floor systems - These are commonly known for their ability to be installed both upstairs and downstairs.
  3. Floating floor system - These can be installed under almost any floor finish.
  4. Microboard system - This is incredibly flexible and easy to install. It is ideal to retrofit within a property.

We work with our customers to install water-based underfloor heating, which are a series of pipes connected to your boiler via a manifold. The water circulates through the pipes to heat the space evenly unlike a single radiator.

One of our sales consultants can visit your property and discuss options suitable for you. Your underfloor heating will be installed by one of our Gas Safe registered engineers with years of experience in installing underfloor heating, ensuring you get the quality installation you expect.

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