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If you’re looking for a greener heating option for your home but don’t want to get rid of your boiler, a hybrid system may be a great option for you. A hybrid heat pump system combines both an air source heat pump outside of your home with a boiler, so you can reduce your carbon footprint without losing the comfort from your boiler.

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Frequently asked questions

Installation costs will depend on a few factors such as whether the installation is for a new boiler or heat pump, or just the heat pump if you are keeping your current boiler. It will also depend on how close the heat pump is to the boiler and whether the system will include a regular or combi boiler. A regular system boiler will require a hot water cylinder and cold-water storage tank to be installed, adding to the costs. Whereas a combi boiler will not need these extra tanks installed because the combi boiler heats the water on demand instead of externally.

Yes, view our hybrid heat pump information section here.

You could keep your current boiler when getting an air source heat pump installed, depending on the age of the boiler and how it will be adapted to add the pump into the system. When designing your new hybrid heating system, our expert team will be able to help you decide what the best option is for your home. You can call our Sales Team on 0800 731 33 44.

The heat pump outside will need around a 200mm gap between the property and pump for air flow. Outside you will also need the space for the actual pump, with many being on average only around 1m height by 1m width by 60cm depth. For example, the Worcester Compress 5800i is 80cm tall by 1.1m wide by 54cm deep. With a hybrid system, a smaller pump could even be installed onto a wall outside to save more space.

If you are looking to have a regular boiler installed with your hybrid heat pump system, it will require space within the property for a hot water cylinder and cold-water storage bank to also be installed. With a combi-boiler, this wouldn’t be needed.

Adding insulation to your home such as loft insulation and wall cavity insulation can help to improve your energy efficiency and in turn help the efficiency of your heating system.

The government boiler upgrade scheme (BUS) grant does not apply for hybrid heating systems, only air source heat pump and ground source heat pump systems. Find out more about the boiler upgrade scheme here.

Why should I buy a hybrid heat pump system?

Find out more about hybrid heat pumps and why you should consider having one installed in your home.