Why have a new Worcester Bosch boiler

With so many boiler brands out there, it’s difficult to choose which boiler to opt for. This can be quite overwhelming as, when buying a new boiler, this can be a costly investment.

So, to help you choose an outstanding boiler, we take a look at the well-known brand Worcester Bosch.

Whether you’re looking for a combi boiler, electric boiler or a renewable solution, Worcester are an excellent brand to choose. Not only do they manufacture reliable and affordable boilers, they are also committed to becoming carbon neutral, which is reflected in their highly efficient products.

Moreover, they are constantly recommended by Which?, and were placed on the Which? list for the best boiler brands for 2022*.

Not only do they manufacture oil and gas boilers, but they also specialise in renewable technologies, such as heat pumps and solar energy systems. What’s more, Worcester offer a range of controls and accessories to ensure that your entire central heating system works harmoniously throughout the home.

The history of Worcester Bosch

Established in 1962, Worcester have been the one of the UK’s trusted brand for decades. Since the 1960s, they have been a leading supplier in central heating equipment, heating homes efficiently and economically.

By the 1970s, Worcester Engineering expanded at a faster pace, bringing out their famous boiler ranges that are still popular today.

The first Heatslave was introduced in 1970, which was just five years before the Delgio came out. It wasn’t until 1977 that the first Danesmoor boiler came onto the market. Since then, Worcester have continuously improved and expanded their well-known ranges, with these collections still being a popular choice in the domestic heating sector today.

However, the 1980s didn’t head off to a good start due to a factory fire that burned the entire building to the ground. But this didn’t deter Worcester. Just 104 days after the fire, the factory was rebuilt, allowing the Worcester team to start manufacturing again.

Fast-forward to 1992, and with a lot of success, Worcester joined the international Bosch Group, which was an important step in their global expansion.

The 1990s also pushed Worcester into becoming more aware and active in environmental issues. As the millennium turned, they launched Environment 2000, which was an award scheme that celebrated sustainable and environmentally-friendly installations.

Things have only gotten better for the manufacturer, and they have continuously launched successful boiler ranges that are highly efficient, reliable and competitively priced.  

The turn of the century saw awards being won. From two CORGI awards in 2005 to the Which? Award in 2011, Worcester have grown from strength to strength with each passing year and continue to be recognised for their innovative manufacture.

What’s more, with hundreds of thousands of pounds raised for various charities, Worcester Bosch have certainly earned their place as one the top boiler brands in the UK. 

Why we recommend Worcester Bosch

Swale Heating are committed to giving a high quality service from start to finish. We are passionate about delivering excellent customer service, ensuring that all of our customers are extremely satisfied with the services we provide. This is why we recommend Worcester.

We are confident that Worcester boilers and renewables will work to a superior standard. Not only are they affordable, but they meet the needs of a range of homes, heating and hot water demands. All of their appliances maintain high energy efficiency, making them a sustainable and economical choice.

With a push towards becoming net zero, Worcester are continuously striving towards highly efficient heating solutions, and we will continue to recommend this brand to our customers.


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