Smart heating controls and how they can save you energy usage

We all know the importance of saving as much as we can when it comes to energy and costs. One of the best ways to do this is to keep an eye on your usage. This is why smart heating controls, or smart thermostats as they’re also commonly called, are one of the handiest products to have so you can stay in control of your energy usage.

But what exactly are they? Here, we look into what they are and see how they can save you energy and money off your bills.

What are smart heating controls?

A smart heating control is a device which allows you to control your home’s heating from the comfort of your smart device, whether that’s your phone, tablet or laptop. For this to work, you’ll need to be connected to the internet to access the app which controls your smart thermostat.

Swale Heating can provide you with a quote to install smart heating controls that are compatible with your current central heating system or include the price of smart controls into a quote for a new boiler installation. For more information or for a quote use our contact form.

Once your smart heating control is installed, you can save around £154 a year*. Keep reading to see how smart they really are!

How can smart heating controls save you energy usage?

Times and temperatures suited to your needs

Smart heating control systems are exactly that. They’re smart. You can control your home’s heating through an app by setting your desired temperature for a certain time. So, if you arrive home from work at 5pm every day, you can be sure to have a warm home for that time.

You can also control temperatures for each room. So, your living room can be warmer than your bedroom if you’d like – remember that you’re always in control!

Learning your heating habits and routines

What’s even more impressive is that smart heating controls can remember your heating habits and can automatically navigate your heating to come on at the right time and at the right temperature.

Let’s take an example. If you normally come home for 5pm, your smart heating control will know to turn on for then. But if there’s an unexpected drop in temperature, then it will know to come on earlier to ensure that your home is warm enough for when you come home at 5pm.

Understand when you’re not at home

Some smart heating controls can even detect motion to determine if the house is empty. This is known as geofencing. In this case, it’ll switch your heating off, saving you even more energy and money.

It can detect draughts and open windows

With many smart heating controls, your control can detect any draughts or open windows. Your smart heating control system will then adjust the temperature to avoid any cold spots and can even send you a notification if you’ve left your window open. Not all smart heating controls have this handy feature so it’s worth doing your research for the best smart heating system for you, if you would like a recommendation or more information about what smart heating controls are compatible with your central heating system, use our contact us form.

It has the best safety features

More common and handy features include frost detection and holiday mode. Whilst these features are included in regular thermostats, they’re both still quite important. These features make sure that your pipes won’t freeze whilst you’re away. This will keep your mind at ease, and you won’t come home to any broken heating or hassle.

Are smart heating controls worth it?

Smart heating technology is definitely the way forward if you’re looking to save on your energy usage. With a smart home central heating system, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re not wasting energy or money thanks to new smart heating technology.

Not only can you control your heating from your mobile phone, but you can also rest assured that your home will be warm and lovely with its intelligent, automatic settings.

If you want ultimate control over your energy, then a smart heating control is for you.

Our sales team can arrange for an experienced and qualified representative to visit your property to survey your current central heating system to provide tailored recommendations and quotes for the installation of smart heating controls that are compatible with your existing system or provide you with a quote for a new boiler installation with the addition of smart heating controls.

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