Installing a boiler in the bedroom: is it safe and how do I disguise it?

There is no shortage of horror stories, particularly in foreign holiday locations, where people have been suffocated in their sleep by carbon monoxide due to poorly installed or maintained heating boilers and appliances.

Nevertheless, if carried out by a reputable and registered installer, and properly serviced and maintained, there is no reason why, from a safety point of view, you should not locate a boiler in a bedroom.

Installing a boiler in the bedroom – the safety issue

The key is to ensure that the boiler is ‘room sealed’; most are and this means that its operation is completely isolated from the bedroom, only drawing in outside air for combustion before discharging the waste gases externally rather than allowing any emissions into the room and putting any sleeping person at risk.

Government figures reveal that around 4,000 people in England and Wales go to A&E every year due to carbon monoxide poisoning – often initially fearing they have food poisoning or flu – some 200 are then fully hospitalised and 50 will die*.

Most of these cases are due to faulty or unsafe gas appliances so safety is the No1 priority when considering a boiler installation in a bedroom. With strict annual servicing and maintenance by a reputable and registered engineer, installing a boiler in the bedroom can be a simple and safe task.

For extra peace of mind, invest in a carbon monoxide alarm. These can cost less than £20 and be installed by any competent DIY-er, or Swale Heating can add the task to an installation or boiler service.

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Installing a boiler in the bedroom – will it be noisy?

The second major consideration when installing a boiler in a bedroom is noise. This has been addressed and considerably reduced recently but all boilers will make some noise – especially when the gas flame ignites.

The ignition ‘whumph’ from a combi boiler, which delivers hot water on demand, can be particularly irritating for a light sleeper if another member of the household is up and turning the hot water on and off.

But some boilers are better than others. Several brands, such as the Vaillant, have embraced the global noise and acoustic abatement standard Quiet Mark. Naturally, if a previously quiet boiler suddenly starts waking you up then that’s the time to call in a reputable engineer. 

Installing a boiler in the bedroom – the space question

The final consideration when considering locating a boiler in a bedroom is space. On one hand, hiding the boiler away in a bedroom may be desirable to free up valuable daytime living space elsewhere in the house, but you may also be sacrificing a valuable wardrobe or other storage room.

Fortunately, many boilers are more compact nowadays so you may be able to balance your needs more easily, and a fitted wardrobe is probably the best way to disguise a boiler installation in a bedroom.

Nevertheless, the boiler will still need some extra space around it and the flue arrangement will need careful consideration. Click here to discuss installing a safe and quiet boiler in your home through Swale Heating.

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