Can you relocate an existing boiler?

Yes, you can move a boiler but any reputable and registered installer would advise against it for two strong reasons.

Firstly, technology is moving fast and there is every chance that you would be better off with a newer and more efficient A-rated boiler, especially with today’s volatile energy prices, rather than relocating your existing boiler.

Don’t ignore the boiler relocation costs…

Secondly, while anything is possible within reason, relocating an existing boiler could rack up £8-900 in labour costs. This money could be better spent on a more up-to-date boiler that is A-rated for efficiency, which could immediately save you money on your energy bills– check out your options with Swale Heating and even receive an online quote by clicking here.

You might decide that relocating your existing boiler is also the moment you opt to change from a traditional to a combi boiler that delivers hot water on demand and does away with the need for a bulky hot water cylinder. This type is particularly suitable for apartments and smaller houses.

That said, relocating your existing boiler might involve moving just a few feet – typical in a kitchen renovation – but there could still be major hurdles to overcome, such as different sizes of pipework, ensuring adequate space around the boiler, plus installation of a new outflow or flue.

Admittedly, technical advances mean that a flue no longer needs an outside wall but choosing anything other than the easy option usually has a cost attached.

Get the very best professional advice

Rest assured though, Swale Heating will always give you the best advice and options, and a balanced assessment of the costs involved, if you are determined to relocate your existing boiler.

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