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Swale Heating have been looking after the needs of commercial clients and private households in the South East, London and East Anglia for over 40 years.

We have grown to be one of the largest independently owned heating companies in Southern England. 35 housing associations, schools, hospitals,  care homes, hotels, commercial businesses and 100,000 homes rely on us to look after their heating needs.

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Servicing & Maintenance

Swale Heating Limited has been established since 1972. We are one of the largest, independently owned Heating Companies in the United Kingdom and have acquired vast experience over the past 35 years to become a leading specialist providing services to both Social Landlords and Private Residents. The company’s portfolio covers 100,000 Domestic properties and Non Domestic sites, ranging from single private dwellings to 36 Housing Associations and Local Authorities.

We have the ability to provide our clients and customers with a one-shop service providing engineers, electricians, builders, carpenters and plumbers to complete the job. We continue to invest in both computer and call centre technology to ensure that that our systems remain at the forefront of information technology. We are able to ensure that our major clients have direct links in to our systems and are able to view the position and status of any project we have operating for them. This investment has enabled the company to provide an emergency service, which is available 24hours a day, seven days a week.

At our facilities in Sittingbourne we store and deliver all the materials needed. High stock holdings help to avoid seasonal shortages and enable breakdowns to be rectified in the minimum time. We continue to develop our partnerships with a number of suppliers across the region; this enables us to secure all our material requirements quickly and effectively.



Other Services: 


    We ensure that the service we provide our customers is maintained by monitoring the work carried out by our engineers. For this we have developed a system of monitoring our engineers through the use of our in house monitoring inspection form. From this system we able to measure the effectiveness of our engineers through a variety of inspections, these include Work In Progress and post work inspections.

    These inspections highlight not only the individual working tends among the engineers, but also identify training requirements and overall trends when the information is laid out on a spreadsheet. From this information we can identify training requirements for the future and further use the information to design gas audits for the engineers where there is an indication that areas of the engineers work are not to an acceptable standard.


    We also have third party inspections carried by an independent provider. These third party inspections validate our monitoring inspection process and help to confirm that our procedures operate in the manner intended.


    The details from these inspections are made available to our clients in the form of Key Performance indicators or KPI’s. Key performance indicators are an essential business tool to our clients as they provide an indication of how efficiently their funding of projects is being delivered. Landlord’s gas safety inspections are also included in KPI’s as an overall percentage of access rates to properties. The Key to any program in servicing is to ensure you gain access to as many properties in the annual service year as possible. Every effort is made to advise residents of when their service is due and offer dates, which they can accept or if they wish contact us on a freephone number to arrange a date more suitable to their needs.


    The Customer Care Centre lines are open 24 hours a day 365 days a year. The main office is open between 7:30am and 10pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 12noon on Saturdays, while outside of these hours the emergency lines are open and controlled by our Out of Hours team. The Out of Hours team who operate off site have access to all the systems and operating processes. We also have an on call Duty Manager who can deal with any out of hour’s queries.

    There are 60 lines coming into the Customer Care Centre to deal with all emergency, general service and preventative maintenance calls and 24 operatives available throughout the day to answer the incoming calls. Incoming calls are presented through CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) which recognises the incoming telephone number and relays the customer’s information directly to our own in house database programme Aeromark enabling the operative to commence with the call without having to search for address information. A shift system is in operation ensuring that a full complement of operatives are available to deal with all calls during our busiest times enabling all queries and breakdowns to be dealt with quickly and efficiently ensuring the best possible service to our customers. The team is responsible for booking calls from all skill sets and ensuring the correct fault codes and response is applied to the call. This enables our Planning Team to send the call to the engineer that is closest to the address by using a tracking system called Masternaut, which is fitted to all our vehicles.

    Our Planning Team can then cross reference the operatives location against their relevant qualifications to respond as quickly as possible in an emergency situation resulting in the job in hand being resolved as quickly as possible. We call this the Best Fit. The Customer Care Team is trained and able to deal with planning situations to ensure the on call out of hours engineers are also utilised to maximum effect. Our Customer Care Centre Team is able to deal with all aspects of the service we provide and deliver a highly professional, efficient service.

    Your customers will have access to dedicated freephone telephone numbers so that they are able to contact our Customer Care Team any time, day or night.
    Telephone reports are produced on a weekly and monthly basis and are used for ongoing training purposes and assess staffing levels during peak and off peak times. The reports are also presented at the weekly board meetings


    Many of our clients are linked via the Internet into our computer system where they can view at any time details on a particular property. Through this link they are able to also download reports on a wide variety of information necessary for the various reports they have to produce, included in this are the landlord’s gas safety records.


    We also operate a well-stocked warehouse that supports our business needs. From this we are able to supply everything from a complete heating system right down to a thermister. So in the event of a customer’s boiler breaking down are able to in many cases source the parts direct from our warehouse.


    The business is run from "Aeromark" a powerful computer software package. The program has the ability to hold a variety of details for each site address.

    It allows the operatives visits to be logged, along with start and completion dates. All information specific to each property and any special data relating to the resident or site conditions can also be logged. This information assists in the smooth running of the contract. It provides a complete record of everything that occurs at that particular property from start to finish, and includes every one involved and all materials used. This record is kept and can be reviewed at anytime.

    From our ‘Oracle’ database we are able to provide a vast variety of reports. Using the web interface you can access these reports where they can be used to generate Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). This will allow us to provide statistical data to satisfy the management information, performance monitoring and best value aspects of this contract.


    PDA’s allow us to view the time travelling and spent on each job, the materials used and materials to be ordered to complete the work. This last item is of such importance if it is a specialist item of equipment such as a pump or motorised valve.

    Landlord’s Gas Safety Records are also dealt with electronically through the PDA’s. This prevents misinterpretation of handwriting as the data is legible and can be transferred electronically to you the client for your records on the same day basis.

    The devices are also enabled for signature captures meaning both the resident and operative are signing on completion of the works.

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