Prepare for winter

Make sure you and your boiler are prepared for winter with these top heating tips.

There are many myths about what can and can’t make our homes lose heat during the winter such as turning up your thermostat to heat a room quicker. Ensure that you are knowledgeable about what is saving or losing you heat and prepare for the looming cold months.

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Check over EVERYTHING. Ensure that your vents are clear and that there is no build up of dirt or dust. This will ensure that your central heating is circulating and working to its maximum efficiency. Check that there are no leaks of heat or cold spots in your home using a thermal heat detector or bleeding your radiators. Ensure that there are no new draughts in your home that need to be insulated. Finally, service your boiler with a Gas Safety registered engineer to make sure that your filter is clean and that your boiler is working properly.

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Ensure that the humidity of your home is correct. You can invest in a humidifier or dehumidifier to fix a too-high or too-low humidity or use natural remedies like growing leafy plants.

Don’t wait until its freezing cold to turn on your heating. You will not want to wait until it is already needed to find out that there is a problem with your boiler. Turn it on early, at a low temperature, and make sure it is working well.

This time of year, before the heavy weather starts, is perfect for clearing out the guttering of your home. Clogged gutters will disrupt the movement of rainwater and can cause leaks, broken guttering or other unwanted issues. Do it now whilst the sun is still shining a little.

Invest in a good set of thick curtains to help to insulate your rooms and buy a rug to stop heat leaking through cracks and make the room feel warmer.  

Make sure that you have a working timer ready to programme your boiler for the cold seasons. Don’t make the mistake of leaving your heating on all day, invest in technology to prepare.

Small things like rearranging your furniture can make a difference! By moving your sofa away from the radiator, you stop trapping heat and the air can circulate more freely. You can prevent this heat from being lost upwards by installing a shelf above the radiator or using a radiator cover.

Use radiator reflector foil/panels to ensure that the heat that your radiator is emitting is not warming up your walls instead of your room. These are relatively inexpensive and are hidden behind your radiator.

Ensure that you have thermostatic radiator valves installed in your home. These can save a large amount of money by allowing you more control over where in your home is being heated.

Consider a replacement boiler. If your boiler is more than 8-10 years, it may be time to improve the efficiency of your central heating by upgrading to a new model. With installation, you can also consider underfloor heating, smart controls and energy saving radiators. Read our Repair or Replace blog for more signs that your boiler needs replacing.