Is your central heating not working but hot water is?

22 June 2022

Is your central heating not working but hot water is?

If you find yourself in a situation where your hot water is working but your heating isn’t, watch this video to see if we can help you with a temporary fix to make sure you’re not in the cold for too long. This will still likely require an engineer to come out to look at the underlying problem, however this manual tip can help keep things warm until we can get to you for further assistance.

What could the issue be?

  • If you have a 3-port valve in your airing cupboard, like the one shown in the video, overtime it may get clogged with dirt. With the valve clogged, the motor in the valve may not be powerful enough to open the valve fully.

Quick fix

  • As the motor opens to let heat in, the lever on the side of the motor will start to move over.
  • When this lever hits a certain point, the motor isn't powerful enough to get it fully open.
  • What we can do is to give it a bit of help to open by using our finger to gently pull the lever forward until we hear it click into place.
  • This will hopefully bring your heating on.

This will only be a short-term fix because an engineer will still need to look into why the valve isn't opening fully. You can contact us for an engineer to visit to make a repair here.