How to re-pressurise a Worcester boiler

22 June 2022

Boiler pressure

A common fault with boilers is loss of pressure. Periodically, you will need to check that your boiler has got enough pressure in it by looking at the pressure gauge. A good pressure for the boiler is between 1 & 2, ideally about 1.5, above or below this is too low or too high. Watch the video above to learn how to manually re-pressurise a Worcester boiler.

How to re-pressurise a Worcester boiler

  • On this particular Worcester boiler model, you will need a key that comes supplied with the boiler when it was fitted.
  • The key will then need to be put into the manifold underneath the boiler.
  • Once the key is in, you can turn it to the right to lock it in place and then undo the knob just to the left of the key which will put mains water into the boiler system.
  • This will help the pressure increase within the boiler.
  • When the pressure rises to about 1.5, then you can start to turn it back off by putting the knob back in place and taking the key out in reverse.
  • You will always get a drip of water coming out from the key area of the boiler, so be very careful to make sure that there is no electrical equipment underneath.

If the pressure in your boiler is still reducing rapidly, or you have a different type of boiler that you need help with re-pressurising, you can contact one of our specialist advisors to help here.