Wifi thermostats and smart heating

20 June 2023

Wi-Fi thermostats make everyday home living easier. Wi-Fi thermostats and smart heating is the newest form of technology and ingenuity in terms of household heating, and there are becoming newer forms of ingenious methods of controlling the temperature within the home.

WF-Fi thermostats are a new way of controlling the temperature using wireless technology, with some of the better systems being able to sense the temperature within the room. They are able to adjust the output and alter the climate within the house. With the temperature already being set, Wi-Fi thermostats can adjust themselves to the desired temperature throughout the day, even when there’s no one home. 

With a Wi-Fi thermostat, you can access and control your home's heating system through a mobile app or online. All you need is internet access, and you’ll find that the days of accidentally heating a home when no-one’s in will become a thing of the past. Wi-Fi thermostats are convenient, cost-effective and bridge the gap between traditional home heating controls and the digital age we live in today.

With cool features available on certain models, such as “learning” technology that recognises and automates your home schedule, and geo-fencing that recognises how close you are to your home, you’re sure to always receive a warm welcome home, whilst reducing your heating bills and wastage. This also saves effort and prevents you from having to be continuously energy-conscious and ensuring your bills won’t be too high.



The advancement in mobile phones, and smart phones in particular, has been able to bring about the development of Wi-Fi thermostats and smart heating, with apps being developed to make the process of changing the temperature even easier for the customer. There are a few different apps that allow you to operate your thermostats from your phone, so your choice would be your own preference, but all would require access to Wi-Fi to enable use and to enjoy the full pleasure of being able to adjust and control your thermostat from your phone.

With Wi-Fi thermostats and smart heating become a lot more popular, Swale Heating offer installation on these products from a variety of companies, such as; Nest, Worcester, Vaillant, Drayton, and Honeywell, Each of these brands will offer a slightly different output and usage for your heating system, so be sure you are aware of which system would be best suited for your home.

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