Top tips for staying warm whilst working from home

15 April 2020

With a lot of us working from home these days, and winter on it's way, it might start to get pricey if we aren't careful.

Keep your hands away from the thermostat for now, and have a look at Swale Heating’s top tips for keeping warm this “work from home winter” season.


Our top tips:

Tip 1 - ‘Wrap up warm’ just like mum used to say - it would probably be best you wear cosy jumpers and thermals if need be. Remember you lose the most heat from your hands and your head so, if you are really feeling the chill, then pop on a woolly hat and some funky fingerless gloves.

Tip 2 - Be tactical with timings - if you feel the need to put the heating on and the jumpers just aren’t cutting it, try putting it on for just half an hour before you start work, which will take the chill out of the air without breaking the bank.

Tip 3 - Embrace isolation life and shut the doors in your house – if you're spending most of your work day in one room in your house, then it would be beneficial to turn the rest of the radiators in the house down and shut yourself in the one warm room, like a little cocoon of emails and diverted phone calls.

Tip 4 - Prevent distracting draughts - make sure all your windows and doors are draught free with the use of draught excluders. This will keep you warmer and comfier for longer.

Tip 5 - Wrap up in a blanket - now you are at home, it's easier than ever to pull a blanket from your bed and take it with you to your desk.

Tip 6 - Hot water. Hot water. Hot water. – it's so important to stay warm inside and out, so keep a tea on your desk and a hot water bottle in your lap.

Tip 7 - Eat a hearty lunch - it’s tempting to stray away from your general meal routine when at home, but now it’s getting colder, it's more important than ever to eat a decent lunch, which will help you stay warmer. If you are really planning on ticking all the boxes, try and go for a warming meal like soup.

Tip 8 - Keep the blood pumping – doing a quick 10-minute workout before work, or some dancing on your lunch break, will not only boost your mood but also your temperature.

So, whilst working from home, know the first option is not always to turn up the thermostat. Give a few of our top tips a go first.