Swale Heating invests in training tomorrow's engineers

16 February 2022

Swale Heating has established an independent gas and energy services training business and invested £100,000 in a new training centre.

The new training centre offers in-house training for staff as well as offering a comprehensive range of courses open to plumbers, installers, electricians and gas engineers from outside the company.

The state-of-the-art training centre, named The Energy Academy, was officially opened on December 8 and is housed in a specially converted former warehouse at Swale Heating’s headquarters in Sittingbourne, Kent.

Fully qualified trainers and assessors will work in partnership with Logic Certification and industry leading independent assessors and verifiers, external from the Swale Heating business, to avoid any conflict in interests between the two companies and the certification body.

The centre offers courses covering natural gas, LPG, oil, solid fuel, biomass, renewable energy, unvented hot water, underfloor heating, plumbing, electrics and non-technical qualifications for industry operatives as well as dedicated MLP courses for new entrants to the industry.

Removing the need for third-party apprenticeship schemes, Managed Learning Programs (MLPs) will also be held at the training centre, including transition schemes to develop plumbers into gas engineers.

The centre is fitted with a range of modern equipment, allowing trainees to gain practical experience in domestic heating systems: natural gas, LPG, and oil. Domestic to commercial change over training is also available, covering systems with outputs greater than 70kw. 

Renewable energy training resources at the centre include solar heating, underfloor heating in partnership with manufacturer Myson, unvented hot water and air heat source pumps. Learners can take an advanced wiring course for heating systems and NICIEC training is available for electricians.

Managing Director David Mathieson said: “The investment is part of a comprehensive development plan to help Swale Heating grow its business across the UK and to invest in developing the skills needed to provide our customers with the best possible service.

“The new Energy Academy will allow us to improve the way we train and the way we work. Refresher training, career development and ‘top up’ assessments for staff will become more convenient, sustainable and affordable. Customers can be sure that they are receiving excellent service from engineers who are fully up to date with the latest products and industry developments,” he said.

Mark Krull, Director at Logic Certification, said: “We are delighted to bring the Swale Heating Energy Academy on board as an LCL approved centre. It offers state-of-the-art facilities for trainees, allowing our qualifications to be delivered to the highest possible standard.

“The company’s commitment to creating such a forward-thinking, well-equipped and ‘green’ training facility is impressive, providing a great opportunity for installers in the South East.”

Swale Heating expects the investment to pay for itself by radically reducing the cost of staff training while giving the opportunity to bring in additional revenue by training candidates from outside organisations. Highly qualified trainers and independent assessors and verifiers will ensure that all candidates get the best and fairest assessments carried out, within a calm and modern industry leading environment.

Swale Heating’s original training centre will be gutted and transformed into a new induction centre.

A full biomass boiler, supplied by leading manufacturer Windhager, provides the academy with the latest heating and hot water technology with a hugely reduced carbon footprint. Added to a new solar configuration on the roof, The Energy Academy not only provides the industry with high-quality training on a wide array of renewable, environmentally-friendly energy sources, it is committed to minimising its own environmental impact.

For more information about The Energy Academy, visit www.energy-academy.co.uk
For more information about Swale Heating, visit www.swaleheating.com