Does a new boiler need a gas safety certificate?

When you have a new boiler installation, it must be installed by a Gas Safe registered engineer. It is a legal requirement that every engineer who carries out gas work must be registered on the Gas Safe register, which is the official list of businesses that are legally allowed to undertake gas work.

For example, as Swale Heating is registered on the Gas Safe register, all of our engineers are Gas Safe registered and fully qualified to carry out any gas work.

However, not all engineers are Gas Safe registered, yet claim to be, so it’s important to check whether the engineer is registered by checking their ID.

A gas safe certificate confirms that the engineer who carried out the work was Gas Safe registered and suitably qualified to complete the installation. This gives you peace of mind that full safety measures had taken place whilst your new boiler was fitted.

Is a gas safety certificate a legal requirement for homeowners?

Even though a new boiler installation must legally be completed by a Gas Safe registered engineer, homeowners aren’t required to have a gas safety certificate by law (unless you’re a landlord).

Yet, it’s highly recommended that an annual boiler service is completed to ensure that your boiler is working safely and efficiently.

Homeowners also don’t legally need to have a gas safety certificate when undergoing a house sale. However, if a potential buyer requests this document, then you would have to supply it.

Is a gas safety certificate a legal requirement for landlords?

As a landlord, you are legally required to maintain all gas safety records, including annual checks and certificates, which are then passed onto the tenant.

A gas safety certificate is legally required for a new boiler installation, service and all other gas appliance checks in the property. Once these checks are completed, the record should state:

  • which gas appliances were tested
  • the results for each check
  • any issues that were flagged
  • recommendations for future work
  • engineer details – name, signature and date of test
  • property’s address and landlord’s name

All of this information must be provided to the tenant within 28 days of the gas safety check.

Overall, if you’re a homeowner, when having your new boiler installed, it’s a legal requirement for your engineer to be Gas Safe registered. If you have paid for a gas safety certificate you will receive this a few days after installation.

It’s also highly recommended that both your boiler and other gas appliances undergo an annual gas safety check by a Gas Safe engineer. Whilst this isn’t a legal requirement for homeowners, it is strongly suggested to ensure full safety.

However, landlords are legally required to undergo an annual gas safety check for all gas appliances, including boilers. This gas safety certificate is then passed onto the tenant.  

How can Swale Heating help?

Thankfully, Swale Heating are here to help you safely install and maintain your new boiler.

If you’re in need of a new boiler, and are looking for a Gas Safe registered engineer, then contact us today. We also offer boiler cover and service plans for peace of mind if something goes wrong.

We also have advice for landlords, which you can read here.