Wood burning stove installations in Hertfordshire


Within Hertfordshire, we offer installations of two types of wood burning stoves, both from Worcester’s Greenstyle collection, which offers clean-burn technology combined with style. Available in a multitude of models, with two distinct styles, the Bewdley and Hanbury stoves are able to suit a traditional or modern look. Using clean-burn technology allows the ranges to achieve 74-86% efficiency whilst offering minimal emissions to their surroundings.

Installing a wood burning stove can heat the rooms within your home to save you turning up the central heating, ultimately saving money.  Offering the added bonus of a real fire within your home, the stoves utilise the natural method of burning kindling, without the use of firelighters or any other fuels. Adding a wood burning stove can increase the market value of your property within Hertfordshire by up to 5% and new technologies make them easier to clean than ever, leaving only benefits.

A wood burning stove should always be installed by a HETAS trained professional and DIY installation should not be attempted. At Swale Heating, our engineers have the knowledge and experience to efficiently install your burner, eliminating the risk of harmful leaks.

It is essential to calculate the BTU of a room before heating is considered and our engineers can determine how much heat is required, enabling them to offer the right model of stove.

Within Hertfordshire, our Swale Heating engineers offer:


-          Full installation

-          Chimney Lining

-          Repairing damaged chimney brick

-          Repairing or installing chimney stacks

-          Fitting chimney pots

-          Installing anti bird guards

-          Chimney sweeping

Brands on offer within Hertfordshire:


The Worcester stoves that we offer in Hertfordshire all come with a 5-year guarantee that can put your mind at ease knowing that you will be guaranteed protection. To ensure that you can rest assured, we will send you your confirmation of your guarantee within two weeks of your installation.

The Hanbury stove has a resilient cast-iron exterior and reflects original fire stoves with its rustic appearance. Raised on curved legs, the Hanbury offers a matt finish and a body that is built to last. We install the 4kW, 5kW and 8kW models of the Hanbury so that our engineers can offer you the best output for your home. Another feature of the Hanbury is the hearth ash catcher which enables fast cleaning and increasing the protection from hot embers.

The Bewdley alternatively sits on the floor, using the base of the stove itself as an integral wood store. The larger glass window offers a clear, uncompromised view of the flames to offer maximum style and control. The steel casing of the Bewdley stops the body of the stove from distorting and reduces the risk of hot spots.

If you live in Hertfordshire or the surrounding area, we can offer you a multitude of services including the full installation of a Worcester Hanbury or Bewdley wood burning stove. Contact us HERE for an estimate. 



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