How Much Does a New Boiler Cost?


How much does a New Boiler Cost

New Boiler Costs in Kent and LondonAt Swale Heating we understand that a new boiler cost can be inconvenient and unexpected. We pride ourselves on giving our customers the best service and price possible when they are looking to install a new boiler.

Our customers and the products we use are at the forefront of everything we do in order to deliver the highest level of service and quality. You can be rest assured that you are receiving a premium service and we endeavour to make your new boiler cost as low as possible. We use a wide selection of industry leading heating manufacturers such as Worcester, Vaillant, Stelrad and many others. The importance of using only the best brands mean were able to supply your home with the latest technology in central heating, you also will benefit from a boiler with a very high build quality that will power your home for the foreseeable future.

We are Kent’s largest independent heating company and have supplied many new boiler installations over the years, we offer a robust and efficient service and pride ourselves in offering the very best service to our customers. If you are interested and would like to know what a new boiler cost would be we are more than happy to help.


New Boiler Cost Estimation Tool

To give you an estimation on a new boiler cost we have devised a tool that will give you a rough guide on the price involved for a new installation. Our estimation tool can be found below. 

Once you have received your free online estimate one of our sales team will look to contact you to discuss the options open to you. If you would prefer not to wait you can phone us yourselves with any questions or look to arrange your free no-obligation site inspection which will allow us to give you an exact price for any work involved.

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Alternatively, if you would prefer to keep your current existing boiler then it could be worth finding out more about our low cost boiler maintenance and boiler service contracts that we offer.

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