Wattons Lodge Case Study


Wattons Lodge


Full boiler house refurbishment with the use of a temporary boiler in Wattons Lodge, an Orbit Homes domestic accommodation for older and vulnerable clients to reside in, Southam, Warwickshire.


Wattons Lodge Case Study


  • To prevent the location having no central heating, we provided a temporary boiler which could be used throughout the project.
  • Three Vaillant ecoTEC 120 boilers
  • Vaillant low-loss separation plate heat exchanger
  • Grundfos Magna 3D Variable temperature circulator
  • Grundfos Magna 1D Constant temperature circulator
  • Siemens controls and valves
  • Panel design and build, including natural gas and CO detection
  • All new boiler house lighting
  • Chemical restoration work to the existing heating system

Wattons Lodge Case Study


Swale Heating were called to the site to investigate the loss of heating and hot water. The boilers and parts had over the years become obsolete and three out of five boilers had been condemned. On arrival, the engineer found that the fourth boiler had failed and the last boiler was struggling to cope with the demand of the system. Within 24hrs Swale Heating had a temporary boiler delivered and connected to reinstate the heating and hot water.

We quoted for and installed an entirely new boiler house all within eight weeks, saving the client further costs on temporary heating. Swale Heating took full control of all installation planning and operation directly with the scheme manager.

Wattons Lodge Case Study

Why choose our services?

We provide:

  • An initial meeting with the scheme manager
  • A thought-out plan of the work schedule
  • Temporary central heating and hot water.
  • Management of the site.
  • M&E materials and labour
  • Making sure that residents are happy during the process with resident liaison officers.
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