Radiator Repairs



New and Replacement Radiators

Radiators are often the unsung heroes of your heating system.

They play a vital role in not only heating your home but in helping you reduce energy costs too.

Swale Heating’s engineers are on hand to swap, replace and repair your radiators and deal with all those common radiator issues...


Radiator Balancing

The Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) is the adjustable knob on each radiator that regulates the flow of hot water through your heating system.

The TRV together with the Flow Regulating Valve (or Lock Shield Valve) control the temperature of each radiator in your heating system. Zone Control Valves also regulate the temperature of different areas of the home throughout the day – for instance they might turn off the heat to bedrooms during the day.

One of the key problems we find when asked to investigate poor heating performance is that the radiators are often badly balanced – or have never been balanced correctly.

To balance your heating system, Swale Heating engineers set up and balance all your Flow Regulation Valves, Boiler and room thermostats, and adjust your pump speed to provide the temperature you want in every room – and reduce your fuel costs.


Radiator flush ("Power flush")

Power flushing is commonly used when corrosion within the radiator contributes to a build-up of brown sludge inside your radiators. This  reduces the radiators ability to emit heat and effects the efficiency level of your entire heating system, causing you to pay out more money on your heating bill than you should do.

A one-off  Radiator flush provides deep cleaning that completely removes the deposits from your heating system and restores your radiators to their original efficiency.

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