Radiator Installation


At Swale Heating we have the expertise to deal with all your radiator installation requirements - including multiple fitting, one-off replacements and radiator repairs.

Our fully qualified heating engineers and plumbers have the know-how to install a brand new radiator or towel rail and all the necessary pipework into a room or wall space which currently doesn't have one.  We can offer advice and recommendations regarding the best way to control your new radiator installation using additional accessories such as Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs), which can help you to optimise your central heating's performance and save you money on your fuel bills in the long term.

We offer an impressive range of radiators from top brands such as Stelrad, who are recognised for providing the finest and most efficient range of radiators in the UK.  So whether you need to add something to your existing central heating system or are simply looking for replacement radiators, Swale Heating are on hand to assist with a radiator installation service which is second to none.


Stelrad Series

Within the core Stelrad series there are three steel panel radiators to choose from, the Elite, the Compact Horizontal and the Compact Vertex. Based on quality and performance, the Stelrad series comes in simple white and is comprised of the brand’s most popular trio.

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As the UK's most popular radiator, the Elite is the perfect combination of a simplistic design and maximum heat output. With a run free, two-coat paint finish and the best quality nickel-plated plugs and vents, the Elite is flawless in design and blends in nicely with any home. 

Download the Elite specifications here




  Compact Horizontal

The Stelrad compact is the UK's most comprehensive range of compact radiators. They are tried and tested throughout the country and have excelled in popularity. The compact is available in white as a traditional feature of your home. The design aim of the Compact is to blend within your home. 

Download the Compact specifications here








Compact Vertex

In areas where space is limited, a vertical radiator is ideal to slot into awkward corners and onto slim walls. With integrated top grills and side panels, the Vertex can be a sleek edition to any home. The Vertex offers flexibility to living arrangements and yet continues to perform at a high efficiency.

Download the Vertex specifications here



Aqua Series

Designed as Stelrad’s Kitchen and Bathroom line, the aqua series was developed to combine functionality with style and to match the design of any home. Each radiator in the series was created to be unique and aesthetically pleasing, whilst remaining reliable and high performing. The Aqua series contains 13 radiators and is divided into the Decorative collection and Designer Collection. 

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 Decorative Collection


Slimline Towel Rail

The Stelrad Slimline Towel Rail takes the common bathroom radiator and transforms it into a feature of the room with a sparkling chrome finish. Available in multiple sizes, the rail provides classic elegance to any room and can fill a variety of spaces.

Download the Slimline specifications here






Classic Towel Rail

The Stelrad Classic Towel Rail combines effective heating with traditional style, coming in chrome and white, straight, curved or mini. As a familiar feature of many bathrooms, the towel rail is functional whilst remaining sophisticated and simplistic. 

Download the Classic specifications here









The STR (Stelrad Towel Radiator) combines the column radiator we all know and love with the functionality of a bathroom towel radiator, similar to the slimline above. This combination allows the unit to warm anything placed on it as well as heating the room itself.

Download the STR specifications here













Caliente Straight & Curved

The elegant, rounded tubes of the Caliente allow for an easy choise in any kitchen or bathroom. Available in a wide range of bright colours as well as simplistic white and grey, the Caliente rail is available in a single or double form and can either be straight or curved.

Download the Caliente specifications here















The Concord towel rail is the alternative of the tubular rail with flat tube on tube. Visually attractive and advanced in technology, the Concord is one of the contemporary features of Stelrad's radiators, offering a variety of colours to fit into any modern home.

Download the Concord specifications here









The Esprit is a towel rail with a difference, acting as a space saving and simplistic replacement for clunky, towel radiators. The Esprit comes in straight and curved and is a simply stunning addition to any bathroom.

Download the Espirit specifications here




 Designer Collection






Vertical Ultra

The Stelrad Vertical Ultra can come in a variety of options, with bespoke colours and the additional option of towel rails. The flat aesthetic design helps the Ultra to blend in against a wall and act as a feature on any wall.

Download the Slimline specifications here













The individuality of the Excel radiator is in its design. The lattice-like look of the radiator allows it to appear unlike any other normal radiator, keeping your home unique and modern. The Excel is wall mounted and slim, saving space in any room.

Download the Excel specifications here













Arc & Wave

Both the Arc and Wave radiator use curved, fine tubes to create an interesting piece to contribute to the design, and heating, of your home. Combining functionality with style, the two metallic grey radiators are the perfect addition to your home.

Download the Arc & Wave specifications here











The Vistaline is available in a single radiator or in a staggered double row unit for maximum output flexibility and can be installed in a wide variety of colours. The design has tightly aligned and thin tubes that create superb heating.

Download the Vistaline specifications here

















The Ellipse radiator has C shaped tubes that create great heat due to their size and capacity. The distinctive, flat styling of the Ellipse, combined with its functionality makes it a feature in any room and it is especially adaptable based on its choice in inward or outward facing columns.

Download the Ellipse specifications here














As the most distinctive design that Stelrad feature, the Optia is also nicknamed the boat after its odd shape. The Optia features stacking shelves to warm your towels and is available in three lengths to fit into any room. The radiator comes only in cool, metallic grey that can blend into any colour scheme.

Download the Optia specifications here






Softline Series

The Softline series, featuring four horizontal and three vertical radiators, is typically described as the Curved Collection, rounded end panels and top grilles for a modern aesthetic. Featuring minimalistic design as well as some with sleek lines, any Softline radiator would be a stylish addition to any home.

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Softline Compact

The Stelrad Softline is a more sleek alternative to the traditional Stelrad Compact, offering smooth curved edges and a range of sizes. The Softline Compact combines the functionality of a traditional radiator with the modern feel of the aesthetic.

Download the Compact specifications here






Softline Deco

Ideal for the style-concious homeowner who still focuses on simplicity and sophistication, the Deco offers smooth lines and a minimilistic functional approach to heating.

Download the Deco specifications here






Softline Plan

Removing any lines, bevels or tubing, the Plan offers minimilism at its finest. The Plan is as close as possible to a functional Planar radiator whilst retaining the stylish appeal. 

Download the Plan specifications here






Softline Compact K3 

Ideal for low energy heating systems, the Compact K3 is a new addition to the series which provides a high heat output and will efficiently heat your home. 

Download the K3 specifications here















Softline Compact Vertical

Introducing the new Compact Vertical, which can allow you to have the style and functionality of the compact radiator, even when space does not allow for it. 

Download the Compact specifications here



















Softline Deco Vertical

The Deco Vertical, made to compliment the Softline range, mimics the Deco radiator in its feel and look and offers the same value with added space.

Download the Deco Vertical specifications here

















Softline Plan Vertical

With an entirely flat, smooth finish, the Softline Plan Vertical can blend into any wall or tight space. Ideal for the minimalist, the radiator focuses on function only. 

Download the Plan specifications here





Designer Series

Whilst we focus on performance, at Swale Heating we know that purchasing a radiator can be less than exciting, so we now install the Stelrad Designer Series to offer you hundreds of super-stylish shapes and colours. Drawing inspiration from original compact and column radiators, the line adds a contemporary twist to domestic heating. 

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Compact with Style

The Compact with Style includes the Horizontal,vertical and Lo-Line ranges, offering more adaptations of the familiar compact radiator. For those lacking in space, the Lo-Line is an innovative way to still fit your heating into any room.

Download the specifications here




The Planar has never been so chic, with completely flat finishing and integrated grills and panels. The Planar is now available in the K1 or K2 which offer different thicknesses for your home with the same level of heat emitted. The Planar now also comes in both horizontal and vertical.

Download the specifications here





The flat tubed Concord now comes in four different varieties in the Designer Series, horizontal, vertical, Lo-Line and unlike any other range, Slimline. At just 144mm high, the Lo-Line is a subtle introduction of heat, perfect for smaller rooms and the Slimline can be as much as 120mm smaller than the orginial Vertical.

Download the specifications here







Classic Column

As the Column is already a classic, little required changing in design or functionality however the Classic Column has the option of Horizontal and Vertical for slotting into any space.

Download the Horizontal specifications here











Similar to the Vertical Ultra, the Swing has a multitude of bold colours to accompany a flat surfaced, smooth radiator. With a range of 36 colours, the Swing can be the focal point in any home.

Download the Swing specifications here













Caliente lovers adore the circular tubing that accompanies this radiator, so Stelrad have now adapted it into even more functional options. Coming in either a single or double, vertical or horizontal there are more options than ever to style your heating.

Download the Horizontal specifications here




Special Application Series

Offering four special application radiators for your home, office or commercial space, this range answers all your special performance needs for awkward spaces and issues. From robust design to withstand industrial use to space-saving compact radiators, Stelrad have designs to suit any requirements.

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Heavy Duty Planar

The new Heavy Duty Planar radiator has been designed to withstand use within any busy area. Focusing on industrial or commercial areas, the steel fascia and anti-lift brackets allow the planar to survive.

Download the HDP specifications here








Compact K3

The Compact K3 enables the style of a compact radiator whilst being the ideal choice for low energy systems.

Download the K3 specifications here








 Compact 300

The new Compact 300 was created in response to customer demand for a smaller radiator that can be an addition to a smaller room where wall space is limited.

Download the 300 specifications here








Compact XP

The new Compact XP is a radiator designed for extra protection in moist areas such as bathrooms, showers and wetrooms. It is rust resistant to ensure that the style never fades.

Download the XP specifications here



Energy Saving

With the EU cracking down on energy consumption, we now install the Stelrad Radical Radiator that emits more heat at lower temperatures. The Radical can save you 10.5% in your energy bills and makes you feel warmer, faster. 

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Styled like a traditional compact radiator, the radical brings new technology to the heating industry alongside constant production of heat. The Radical can heat up your house faster than traditional radiators and also reduce your carbon footprint.

Download the Radical specifications here