Radiator Installation


At Swale Heating we have the expertise to deal with all your radiator installation requirements - including multiple fitting, one-off replacements and radiator repairs.

Our fully qualified heating engineers and plumbers have the know-how to install a brand new radiator or towel rail and all the necessary pipework into a room or wall space which currently doesn't have one.  We can offer advice and recommendations regarding the best way to control your new radiator installation using additional accessories such as Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRVs), which can help you to optimise your central heating's performance and save you money on your fuel bills in the long term.

We offer an impressive range of radiators from top brands such as Stelrad, who are recognised for providing the finest and most efficient range of radiators in the UK.  So whether you need to add something to your existing central heating system or are simply looking for replacement radiators, Swale Heating are on hand to assist with a radiator installation service which is second to none.


Stelrad Series

Being an official stocklist, we are able to offer a wide selection of Stelrad radiators in Kent. Stelrad is one of the most popular brands of radiators in the country and with their proven quality and variation, it is clear to see why.

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“Elite” by name, “Elite” by nature, by being the most popular Radiator available, with its outstanding heating performance. With a run free, two-coat paint finish and the best quality nickel-plated plugs and vents, the Elite is flawless in any home

Download the Elite specifications here




Compact Horizontal

The most commonly purchased radiator in the range, due to its simplicity of design, the Compact Horizontal would be the most traditional Radiator available to you. Being such a trustworthy product, the Compact Horizontal is able to fully blend in your home, highlighting its popularity.

Download the Compact specifications here








Compact Vertex

The Compact vertex would be a great addition to a room where there is little space available, or for maximising the space in your home. The stylish Compact Vertex is still able to provide the same performance levels as the Compact Horizontal, which excels in style.

Download the Vertex specifications here



Aqua Series

The Aqua Series are specifically designed to operate and work effectively in your kitchen and bathrooms, whilst incorporating stylish flare to your room. Containing 13 styles of radiator, you will be able to find the radiator to match your bathroom or kitchen style.

Stelrad have also incorporated two different collections in the Aqua Series; Decorative Collection, and the Designer Collection.

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 Decorative Collection


Slimline Towel Rail

Towel rails tend to be an integral accessory to every bathroom, and with the slick chrome finish, it’s easy to see why. Available in a number of sizes for you to choose from, the slimline towel rail would add the final touch to your room.

Download the Slimline specifications here






Classic Towel Rail

The Stelrad Classic Towel Rail combines effective heating with traditional style, coming in chrome and white, straight, curved or mini. As a familiar feature of many bathrooms, the towel rail is functional whilst remaining sophisticated and simplistic. 

Download the Classic specifications here









The Stelrad Towel Radiator (STR) combines the traditional radiator look, with the functionality of a radiator designed for your bathroom. The simple style allows you to have the same style of radiator throughout the house, but with the right conventional use.

Download the STR specifications here













Caliente Straight & Curved

The Caliente range oozes elegance with the tube design of the radiator being very tight, and perfectly designed for your towels. The Caliente range would be a great fit in any modern styled kitchen or bathroom, available in either a straight or curved form.

Download the Caliente specifications here















The Concord range is as chic, sleek and stylish as it gets, with flat tubing, and a wide variety of colours to choose from. The Concord range is even more than just a Radiator, but a much sought-after, chic addition to your room.

Download the Concord specifications here









The Espirit range is designed as a space saver option, with it being tight to the wall, allowing you to maximise the space in your bathroom or kitchen. With this range only being available in white or chrome, it’s simplicity at its finest, but still being able to produce the same desired power.

Download the Espirit specifications here




 Designer Collection






Vertical Ultra

The Vertical Ultra range is as unique as radiators come, with the flat aesthetic design blending the radiator against the wall, the Vertical Ultra becomes a piece of art. With a high output of heat, and tailored to your colour choice, it can suit any style of kitchen or bathroom.

Download the Vertical Ultra specifications here













The unique design of the Excel radiator makes it stand out from any of its competition and is memorable for all the right reasons. With the Excels slim frame, and tightly wall mounted, it leaves you with a lot more space that you can utilise in your room.

Download the Excel specifications here













Arc & Wave

Both the Arc and Wave Radiator use curved, fine tubes to create an interesting piece to contribute to the design, and heating, of your home. Combining functionality with style, the two metallic grey radiators are the perfect addition to your home.

Download the Arc & Wave specifications here











The Vistaline offers a tremendous performance in terms of output, and is available in a variety of sizes, with vertical lines instead of horizontal, the Radiator gives off a different elegance and style than most radiators around.

Download the Vistaline specifications here

















With extraordinary C-shaped tubes, the Ellipse displays an elegance compared to no other radiator. Available in a large number of colours and sizes, so you can have it customised to your liking, whilst enjoying the excellent heat performance provided by the large capacity tubes.

Download the Ellipse specifications here














If an uncommon design is what you’re after, look no further that the Optia. The Optia is revolutionary in space saving and combining that with it’s stunning appearance and excellent heat output, along with shelving, this really is the perfect radiator for your bathroom or kitchen with a modern-day finish.  

Download the Optia specifications here






Softline Series

The Softline Series, features four horizontal and three vertical radiators. It is typically described as the Curved Collection, as it has rounded end panels and top grilles for a modern aesthetic. Featuring minimalistic design as well as some with sleek lines, any Softline radiator would be a stylish addition to any home.

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Softline Compact

The Stelrad Softline compact is a curved alternative to the sharp-edged traditional Stelrad Compact. The tranquil design provides a tight fit to eradicate any movement, whilst looking aesthetically pleasing to any homeowner.

Download the Compact specifications here






Softline Deco

Simple and elegant is what you would get with the Softline Deco. The sleek design with horizontal grooves is a perfect match for any style-conscious homeowner who is after a smooth, yet sophisticated radiator design.

Download the Deco specifications here






Softline Plan

The Softline Plan has as minimalistic design as radiators can get, but manages to retain and ooze stylish appeal. By removing any lines or bevels, Stelrad are showing that less is more with this perfectly executed simple design.


Download the Plan specifications here






Softline Compact K3 

Ideal for low energy heating systems, the Compact K3 is a new addition to the series which provides a high heat output and will efficiently heat your home. 

Download the K3 specifications here















Softline Compact Vertical

As with the Softline Compact, this radiator is pleasing on the eye, but with the nice addition of requiring less space, so you can fully utilise the whole of your room.


Download the Compact specifications here



















Softline Deco Vertical

Simple and elegant is what you would get with the Softline Deco. The sleek design with vertical grooves is a perfect match for any style-conscious homeowner who is after a smooth, yet sophisticated radiator design.

Download the Deco Vertical specifications here

















Softline Plan Vertical

With an entirely flat, smooth finish, the Softline Plan Vertical can blend into any wall or tight space. Ideal for the minimalist, the radiator focuses on function only. 

Download the Plan specifications here





Designer Series

We know that your radiators efficiency and power are the most important aspects when choosing your new radiator, but the style of your radiator is also a key component in which one to decide on. With this, we are able to offer the Stelrad Designer Series to offer you hundreds of super-stylish shapes and colours.


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Compact with Style

The Compact with Style includes the horizontal, vertical and lo-line ranges, offering various adaptations of the familiar Compact radiator. For those lacking in space, the lo-line is an innovative way to still fit your heating into any room.

Download the specifications here




The Planar is simple and chic in its elegance, with it’s completely flat, smooth surfacing. The Planar is available in different thicknesses, with the same level of heat being emitted, and also available in horizontal and vertical to fit your available space.

Download the specifications here





As with the Aqua Series, the Concord range is as chic, sleek and stylish as it gets, with a flat tubing, and a wide variety of colours to choose from. The Concord range becomes even more than just a Radiator, but a much sought-after, chic addition to your room and becomes even more than a radiator.

Download the specifications here







Classic Column

The Classic Column is a trend that’s coming back in fashion with a modernised retro feel. With a variety of heights and widths plus options of two, three or four columns the Classic Column provides versatile sizing flexibility that is ideal for use in a minimalist project, or for applications where work space is restricted.

Download the Horizontal specifications here











The swing has an attractively smooth and chic look, and is available in 35 different colours so it can be customised and fit perfectly in your desired room, as though it is a piece of art.

Download the Swing specifications here













The Caliente is a stylish tubular design and is available in single and double tube versions.  With an elegant tube-on-tube design consisting of a tight array of slim tubes makes the Caliente an easy choice for any modern interior.

Download the Horizontal specifications here




Special Application Series

We offer four various styles of radiators within our special applications rage, which are designed for different scenarios and circumstances. From robust design to withstand industrial use to space-saving Compact radiators, Stelrad have designs to suit any requirements.

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Heavy Duty Planar

The Heavy Duty Planar has been carefully designed to be able to withstand use in any busy area, generally in industrial or commercial areas rather than your home. With its 2mm thick integrated steel fascia, its able to last longer, whilst looking stylish in the room.

Download the HDP specifications here








Compact K3

The Compact K3 is perfect for low energy systems, where the radiator is still able to maintain a great power output.

Download the K3 specifications here








 Compact 300

The Compact 300 is available in sizes from 300mm-700mm in height, produced from a response of high customer demand, these new smaller radiators are ideal for smaller rooms, and those where available wall space is limited.

Download the 300 specifications here








Compact XP

The new Compact XP is a radiator designed for extra protection in moist areas such as bathrooms, showers and wet-rooms as it is rust resistant to ensure that the style never fades.


Download the XP specifications here



Energy Saving

At Swale Heating, we know the importance of keeping emissions as low as possible, so we are able to provide energy saving radiators, that can save you over 10% in your energy bills.


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Based on the popular Compact radiator, the Radical introduces a new technology within the heating industry, where it can produce heat at a faster rate than traditional radiators, whilst also being safe in the knowledge that you are helping the planet as well. 

Download the Radical specifications here


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