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Boiler Installation

In the event of your boiler breaking down you’ll quickly want to remedy this so as to prevent days and nights without central heating or warm water.

If you are looking at new boilers in Sussex, Swale Heating can help.

Swale Heating, the local boiler experts who operate throughout the county are a company you can rely on for new boilers in Sussex. Swale Heating’s boiler price quotation system is simple to use and allows you to quickly find out the cost of having a new boiler installed in Sussex, the system includes our full range of new boilers which includes new combi boilers and new gas boilers by top brands including Worcester Bosch boilers, Baxi boilers and Vaillant boilers so you can be sure that we’re offering you the best boilers at the best prices.

Purchasing a new boiler has a variety of benefits; boilers older than 10 years are not as efficient as more recent models and by updating you could save yourself up to 35% off your current heating costs! By buying and installing a new boiler you will also be reducing your home’s carbon emissions and thus playing a part in the protection of the environment.

You can cost up the price of a new boiler using our boiler pricing tool which will allow you to view a range of boilers including:

  • Combi Boilers – This type of boiler allows you to have instant access to hot water without the need for large cylinders or a roof tank. Combi boilers are often favoured due to their small size meaning that they can easily be placed in small places such as kitchen cabinets. Combi boilers are best suited for properties with one bathroom or with low hot water demands.
  • Conventional Boiler – This system requires two water tanks: one cold water storage tank (usually in the loft), and one feed and expansion tank. The system will also have a hot water cylinder. These boilers are most effective on heating systems with high levels of hot water demand e.g. two or more bathrooms.

Whatever your requirements, Swale Heating’s competitive pricing and range of different boilers makes us the most established supplier of new boilers in Sussex so why not call or contact us today for more information or to arrange a no obligation quote.

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