Mission & Values


Swale Heatings Mission and Values

Swale heating vanAll of Swale Heating’s teams come to work with one core purpose - We are trusted by our customers to keep them safe and warm, every day of every year. This overriding objective drives everything we do.

Our core values focus on what makes Swale Heating stand out as a trusted partner to our customers, relied on to keep them safe and warm. Our values are expressed both in terms of how they are seen by our customers and what they mean to our people. Helping our people to understand how they can best demonstrate our values in the way that they work is a core function of our training and development programmes. 



What these mean to our Customers

What these mean to our Teams

Integrity We give honest, impartial and reliable advice, putting the needs of our customers ahead of our own. We are honest and open to one another, working as one team and keeping our promises to each other.
Excellence We don't promise what we cannot deliver. We go the extra mile to look after our customers, always thinking about how our service can make their lives better. We train, develop, recognise and reward our people so they are the best they can be.
Respect  We treat our customers as we would like to be treated and their homes as if they were our own. We look after and support each other through good times and bad and make sure each member of our team returns home safely every day.
Community We support the vulnerable in the communities in which we work. We recruit from our communities, we encourage diversity and we put the time and effort into giving back to the communities in which we work.
Reliability We are cost conscious, focusing on continuing as a sustainable business to ensure we are able to serve our customers for the long term. We take responsibility for resolving the challenges we face and try to improve the way we work a little bit every day. 
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