Case Study, London Vision Clinic (LVC)



Chemical flush and balance of existing heating system in a busy laser eye surgery clinic in Harley Street, London.


  • Sentinel X400 chemical cleanse
  • System flush
  • System balance to restore radiator circulation
  • Unblock multiple magnetic filters hourly until free of contamination
  • System re-dose with inhibitor
  • Ongoing service and maintenance contract


Swale Heating were called to site to investigate poor heating system circulation. A previous heating firm had diagnosed the existing IDEAL Evomax 60kw boiler as unsuitable for purpose. The company suggested replacing the current boiler with a larger one.
Swale Heating investigations established the boiler, which was 18 months old, had previously heated the building satisfactorily when first installed, therefore it was unlikely to be the cause of the issue.

Swale Heating carried out a full site survey and gathered historical information about the heating system performance from the clinic’s staff. Swale Heating suggested a system cleanse as an alternative solution, which would cost the customer £4,320.00, a small amount in comparison to the cost of replacing the boiler.

Swale Heating performed the system chemical cleanse, returning to site two weeks after application to re-dose the heating system and unblock the magnetic filters. With adequate circulation restored, the building began to heat up efficiently.

As part of the service, Swale Heating kept the client informed of each step. Swale Heating also advised about ongoing preventative measures suggesting a bespoke maintenance contract. 

Delighted by Swale Heating’s performance, Grace Wright, London Vision Clinic administrator said:

“The engineers were absolutely fabulous. They knew exactly what they were doing and kept us well-informed throughout. They did everything with complete professionalism and to the highest standards.”

Services Provided:

  •  Initial site survey 
  • Full system performance history investigation with client
  • Ongoing client liaison
  • Advice and guidance about maintenance, servicing and prevention
  • Working with client to ensure minimal disruption to clinic’s patients
  • Works schedule extended to include evening to midnight hours, and the weekend
  • Planned schedule of work
  • Site management
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