Latest News - World Cup 2018 - Country Energy Use


The World Cup is well and truly upon us. A sporting tournament that can unite and bring the world together showing a wide variety of vibrant colours and a coming together of different cultures showing that when we all come together we are able to make it one of the best spectacles in the world. 

As shown in our latest post (How can you help save the planet?) we can all do a more to help improve our countries carbon footprint and our government has taken some actions towards improving this including the boiler plus scheme 

Along with this, there are several countries playing at this years World Cup in Russia that are doing their bit for the environment with their improvement of eco-friendly energy usage. 

One country that is fully partaking in their efforts to help the planet by lowering their carbon emissions is Iceland. Where the country is a volcanic island, the government has decided to fully utilise their surroundings with 100% of the countries energy being supplied by geothermal and hydropower sources. This also goes alongside Costa Rica in terms of a monumental effort to reduce greenhouse gases, with a population of over 4.5 million they were able to fully rely on renewable energy sources for 300 days consecutively during 2017. 

Another country that is making the most of any renewable energy produced is Uruguay, who supply 95% of their electricity from renewable energy sourcesand overall renewable energy provides the country 55% of its energy usage which is very impressive with the country having a population of 3.5 million people. 

In contrast to countries with a high renewable energy usage percentage, there are a number of countries where the preservation of the planet isn’t one of the high on the list of importance. Belgium are quite notable for their lack of renewable energy being used with 55% of electricity being generated by nuclear power, in comparison to only 14% being produced by renewable sources. 

Even more concerning is the lack of renewable energy that is being produced by South Korea. South Korea has a large population of over 51 million people, but only 1% of all the energy being used throughout the country is produced from a renewable energy source and the first wind farm was only opened at the end of 2016. The South Korean government have said about the importance of moving onto more renewable energy sources, but there is a long way to go before any statistics are affected. 

On an even larger scale, Germany’s efforts with their usage of renewable energy is very impressive and would make a notable difference to the environment if they persevere with their efforts. With a population of over 82 million people, in 2016 Germany broke the record for the amount of renewable energy used in a year with 85% of the countries power being supplied from renewable energy sources including wind, solar, biomass and hydro power. 

Certain countries are definitely head and shoulders above others in terms of renewable energy production and usage through the various methods that are available, and much like the World Cupthe world can unite to help lower greenhouse emissions throughout the planet.  

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