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The British summertime can either go one of 2 ways; intense sunshine for a prolonged length of time, or continuous rain all summer long and luckily this year, it’s the afore mentioned sunshine! So far, this summer has proved to be somewhat of a heatwave, which inevitably will lead to calls of a hosepipe ban to be enforced to save water. Along with this, there was a water bill increase earlier this year, which lead to us thinking about some ways in which you could minimalise your water usage and save money on your bills at the same time! So, here are our top tips for reducing your water usage this summer;

1. Take a shower instead of having a bath - On average, baths require roughly 80 litres of water to fill, whereas a 5-6-minute shower uses half the amount of water in comparison.
2. Reduction in shower time - In addition to the previous point, reducing your shower time by a minute per day you could also save up to £50 per year!
3. Purchase a water saving system for your toilet - Your toilet system wastes a large amount of water every time you flush, but the installation of a water saving device in your water cistern could save you between 1-3 litres with every flush!
4. Having a water butt installed - Fitting a water butt for when the rain eventually returns could be a great way of saving money and reducing your water usage, especially if your garden is full of plants that need to be watered regularly.
5. Water your plants in the evening – In highs of summer, water is far more likely to be wasted through evaporation, with this, watering your plants in the evening maximises all the waters full effect on your plants.
6. Stay away from garden sprinklers - Garden sprinklers are notorious for their very high-water usage and if you have your sprinkler running for one hour per week for a year, your bill will increase by around £70. Instead of using a sprinkler we would recommend re-using water that had previously been used for other tasks around the house.
7. Don’t forget to turn the tap off whilst brushing your teeth – Turning the tap off whilst you brush your teeth can save you up to 6 litres per minute, and it all adds up!

Here we have 7 great tips for you to help reduce your water bill and maximise your water efficiency!

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