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it's that time of the year where days are getting longer, summer is on the horizon and love is in the air for Valentine’s day. Whether that’s going out for a lovely date, or staying in for a romantic evening, it really is the perfect day to show your loved one how much they really mean to you.


If you are staying in this Valentines day we have the perfect final touch for your perfect evening. Why not install a wood 

burning stove for that picturesque evening in, and keep the flame burning on your relationship. We currently stock and install two types of wood burning stoves from Worcester's Greenstyle line, giving you the choice between a number of traditional cast iron models and a range of contemporary steel stoves. Worcester stoves come in a range of sizes, with varying heat outputs so that you can enjoy the pleasure of a real fire in most rooms in your home. 

Valentines day though isn’t for everyone, but there is one thing that you can love eternally; your home.

Having that warming feeling as soon as you walk in your home is one of the most sought-after feelings, where your mood can be drastically change depending on the temperature.

Here at Swale Heating, we are able to provide the right heating cover and care to re-ignite or to maintain the love for your home. With our highly trained gas-safe registered engineers, we can ensure you will receive the best customer service possible and a home with a climate that you want. With the Swale Heating cover plan, you wont need to be worried about falling out of love because if there’s any sign of an issue with your heating, we will be there to help.

On Valentine’s day there are two different approaches that tend to be taken towards your loved one; a lot of TLC or buying them some much wanted gifts, and your home is no different. Every now and again your home will need much-wanted gifts, and we are able to replace and install the heart of your home, your boiler. A new boiler installation can reignite any passion that has been lost in a stagnant relationship between yourself and your home.

If you want to find out more about our wood burning stoves, heating cover plan or boiler installation you can call the Swale Heating team on 0800 731 33 44

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