Heating Controls


Heating Controls make it nice and easy to control how your central heating system operates. This not only means you can enjoy the temperature you want, but it also enables you to keep an eye on your energy usage, helping to boost efficiency and reduce costs.

At Swale Heating we sell a broad range of different heating controls, so there’s bound to be a device that meets your requirements. You can find out more about the different options below but for more information please talk to 1 of our sales reps.

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The most basic form of heating control is a timer. 

This dictates when your heating comes on and off over a 24 hour period e.g. you can stipulate for your heating to come on at 7am and turn off at 9pm everyday.


Similar to a timer but with a greater number of time options, a programmer lets you store multiple settings for your heating, with common devices allowing either 24 hour, 7 day or 5/2 days operation (1 heating setting for the 5 x weekdays and 1 x setting for the weekend). 

You can therefore enjoy different timings for different days in the week (depending on the device you buy), most likely using a digital face. You can choose from wired or wireless devices.

Room Thermostats

Room stats tend to be installed in a hallway or living room and allow you to set the current boiler temperature.  

Some devices plug into the boiler whereas others are wired to the boiler or operate wirelessly.

Programmable Thermostat

Giving homeowners maximum flexibility, programmable room stats tend to be the most popular option, allowing you to dictate what temperature your heating performs at and at what time it comes on. 

As with a programmer, different devices give you different timing options (i.e. some devices let you choose settings for just a 24 hour period, whereas other devices allow you to choose settings for an entire week). You can choose from wired or wireless devices.

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