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Keeping customers safe and warm is an important part of our brand identity. Another part is our desire to protect communities. Our partnership with Demelza is a special demonstration of how we do this.

Demelza, who are a children’s hospice charity in the south-east of the UK, provide unrivalled care and support for seriously ill babies, children, young people and their families, across East Sussex, Kent and South East London. 

Since 2010 Swale Heating Heating has taken care of Demelza’s boilers. We provide free servicing and breakdown cover for their heating systems. By keeping Demelza properties safe and warm, we also provide a restful environment for the families who use Demelza’s services and the patrons who visit their properties.

Over time we have increased our support for Demelza by promoting Demelza’s services across our portfolio of marketing channels. Our support now includes using the Demelza logo on all of our corporate materials, both internally and externally. We use the Demelza logo in our visual marketing such as TV ads and leaflets. The Demelza logo is also displayed prominently on our vans ensuring brand visibility for Demelza.

In February 2017 we expanded our sponsorship of Demelza, this time in a special and unique way. We awarded Demelza a £26,000 allocation of prime TV airtime on ITV and Channel 4 across London and the South East. For the first time, Demelza was able to broadcast their services on TV, in what Demelza CEO Ryan Campbell called an “amazing opportunity”.

The first ad which resulted from our sponsorship went live at the beginning of February. Since then it has been seen on average 42,000 times per week, achieving a three-fold increase in family self-referrals to Demelza. The result is a lovely outcome which Swale Heating hope will further assist Demelza in achieving their mission.

 Swale Heating CEO, Matthew Edwards said:

“Demelza is an amazing charity that helps families cope with caring for a very sick child or one with complex needs, and we support them by servicing their heating free of charge and displaying their logo on our vans.

“We wanted to give them an opportunity to tell more people about their work.

“Hopefully, the TV ad will help them reach out to more families in need as well as encourage more people to donate to their fundraising.”

We have now formed an ongoing agreement with Demelza.  Swale Heating will give approximately £9,000 a month to Demelza for television ad slots.

By delivering on our values of excellence, integrity and respect, we feel we have made a positive impact on the lives of the people in our communities. We plan to continue to assist communities and to continue to help Demelza to increase their fantastic work in the community.

At Swale Heating we will be continuing the special relationship we have with Demelza as we understand the importance of their work. We hope you do too.

Find out more about Demelza’s Swale Heating sponsored ad here.

For further information about Demelza go to, or follow the charity on Facebook at or @demelzahospice on Twitter.

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